Guilty Gear Slash/3rd Strike tournament at Corpus Christi on April 22nd

Hey guys whats up, hosting another tournament in Corpus.
Hope more people show this time. This time this tourny will be hosted on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, so we should possibly hurry this up and try to get our weekend going, haha.

Alright, the tournament will be hosted at Gamer’s Den.
And seeing as how it will be at a small computer store, there gonna want an small fee.

Fee to Enter tournament: $2
Cost for each game: $3

The games at the moment are Guilty Gear Slash, 3rd Strike, Tekken 5, CvS2 (unsure if CvS2 will be PS2 or DC).
Depending how many people will show, we might add more games. Or just post up what game you want to have at the tournament, maybe others will be interested. Maybe MvC2 will be added.

Prize Pot (depends how many people are in that section of the game so the pot wont be to small).
If a good amount of people show up, then it should be as so:

Location: Gamers Den
Phone #: (361) 853-5337
Address: 6410 Weber Rd
City: Corpus Christi, TX 78413

Tournament is on April 22nd (saturday), and should start around 4:30 pm, starting first with Guilty Gear Slash.

Hope to see ya’ there.

EDIT: Seeing as how quiet a few people have been asking.
Both games will be hosted on the Playstation 2.


EDITx3: If you can, bring the actual copy of the game you are interested in playing.

MvC2 on Ps2?? maybe?

Im bringing my DC for Marvel and Super turbo. ive got 2 ps2-DC converters that ill bring also.

imma go i guess =p cvs2 voter right here

I hope people like Rise Vader can bring DC over for MvC2.
I seriously do not want to play MvC2 on PS2 =/

Also, chances are we might add Street Fighter Turbo as well.
PS2 at the moment.

Cvs2 for sure man.does anyone have an converter?because i use the xbox pad.

PS-Rise Vador I noticed you have Xbox live as well…mind if i add you?also, what games do you have?



Yes CvS2 indeed.

I vote to play all games on Xbox.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… not gonna happen.

haha too bad…I have SFAC, CVS2, on xbox…anyways…How early will you be there pozer?I was thinking of coming in early and getting used to the ps2 pad…also, LG , have you decided on going? maybe we could squeeze in some cvs2 on xbox before or after the tournament?

Seeing as how I start it at 4:30 pm, I’m not too sure.
Hopefully I can make it around 3:00, or something. It also depends on my friends that I’m bringing along to the tourny.

Remember, I don’t live in Corpus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I can get a decent amount of money together I will go. I really wanted to just stay the night at Corpus on Friday so I won’t have to worry about going on the same day … so I can enjoy the beach and other stuff too.

I’ll go out on a limb and say I am going.

Alright, did some changes (not to much).
Just made the info a bit more depth.

I dont mind CvS2 being played on DC so long as 2 PSX -> DC converters are available.

any super turbo added to the list?

Thanks for the Rep points Pozer!Now I’m yellow!

Sorry. Had my heart set on going, but I prepared way to late … I wasn’t going to be able to get there until 6.

That’s probably the time when the tournament started.

GG’s to that one dude who beat me with Urien…I would like to know who won since i left right after i lost…I had a big headache after i left…

we should hold something like this real soon

AHHH!I made 3rd place???I thought i was 4th so i left!

did anyone show up for guilty gear? who plays where you live