Guilty Gear Slash for PS2 US

I found this today. It wont be released till March 2007(No specifc Date). I posted this because I know some people want GGS to be singles. I also know that Evo South happens March 10-11. So I dont know. Just thought this might Guilty Gear players.

I want GG to be singles as well. Team is pointless what if you have a good player that can’t get teammates? I don’t care about a US release really because i already own the japanese version of the game.

There’s nothing really confirmed about a US release. That listing has been on the Play-Asia website for a while. At first, the release date was February 9th, but a couple of days before that they changed the date to sometime in March.
Besides, Evo staff probably already has JPN PS2s & copies of JPN GGXXS so even if the US version comes out in March it wouldn’t make that much difference.

The reason I posted this is because Evo Staff only has 9 jap PS2’s so singles would take too long but now they would be able to use US PS2’s, which they have a lot more of, that would allow them to do singles.

Everything about the release, and the existence of this port at all, is mainly heresay, IMO there is no point talking about what evo would do about it until there is more information.

I’d gladly supply my 2 modded PS2’s for use at evo south if it was a help.

In before lock.

Don’t know what that means lol.

There are no plans to bring Slash to PS2. And while I love teams, we should be doing singles. Maybe next year?

Tougeki Super Battle opera is in teams, and the Japanese are both the creators and best players of the game. That says something.

I think it’s because there tend to be uneven matchups, even between good characters. I believe that teams do a good job of balancing out the tournament.

sigh, we are not fucking japan. who cares what they do. since everyone is so all over japanese cock, should we also start doing single elimination, 1 game and no prize money as well? i dont think so. you also have to take into major consideration that japan is a much much much smaller country. all the comp is condensed into a much smaller radius. in the us, we are so scattered, less good players are able to be made. it makes it that much harder to form lots of good teams. it ends up being stupid politics. it works great in japan, it doesnt work too well in the US. dont get me wrong, i love teams. but it doesnt work great in the US. only so many good players to go around to form a very small amount of teams. i know i wouldnt want to be a top player stuck with 2 average players. and it does happen in the US

if slash came to the US, it would be great, cuz it would make it “possible” to do singles. but like fmj said, its all heresay. and i wouldnt put my money on a localization. plus with accent core around the corner on ps2 next month, what would be the point anyway? come next month, everyone is gonna fight for AC at evo on this forum, even tho by that time, evo south and east would have already been completed using slash as qualifiers.


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