Guilty Gear: Slash or #R at EVO

Ok, cats out of the bag. Time to discuss.

As you already know, there are going to be three Evolution tournaments this year. If you did not know this, get over to and check it out. In order for us to run a Slash tournament for Guilty Gear, we need enough legitimate import copies of Slash and enough Japanese Playstations to run the tournament at all three locations. Some of you have suggested that the community will be more than willing to loan hardware / software for the tournament. Now you see why this can be a problem. If we go this route, we would have to request that you mail us your Playstation and copy of Slash well in advance of the first Evolution tournament, only to receive it back over a month later after the last one has finished.

Furthermore, due to changes in the structure of the tournament, we will be running many more stations simultaneously. It’s difficult to estimate how many stations we will need until the signup form has gained some traction, but we estimate it will take at least 20 consoles to run the GG tournament alone. This means at least 20 Japanese Playstations (i.e. over $5000 in additional costs).

The community is obviously overwhelmingly in favor of a Slash tournament, and we want to do everything we can within reason to accomdate you. Now’s the time to come up with bright ideas on how to come up with the additional hardware.


  1. Funds which were previously used as prize money for the winners will instead be used to fund the purchase of the required hardware.
  2. The GG community will find a way to come up with the additional hardware and make it available to us at the time we need it. I’m skeptical that this is possible, but maybe you guys will suprise me.
  3. Nah, lets just run #R

The floor is now open to suggestions.

If you have to use the prize money, so be it, Slash or nothing, and that’s how the community will take it.

Use the Guilty Gear prize money. Since when were fighting game tournaments about the money?

I agree.

Socal might be able to help with a few copies of slash. When do you need them by and when will you have them till? Will there be any benefit like free entry into the tourney for people who donate ps2s or games? If you can post more info about lending systems and games people can start thinking about how feasible it will be.

Also, thanks for trying to make this happen. I realize everyone on the evo staff might not be crazy about using slash but you will be helping the community by working with us to make this happen.

We’d probably need them no later than 1 month before Evo #1 (say, June 1st) and couldn’t give them back until perhaps a month after the Grand Finals in Vegas (say, Sept 15th). That’s a long time… To tell the truth, I’m not at all wild about the idea of borrowing 20 or more individual import Playstations from the community. A ton can go wrong with that. We might not get all the ones we need, Playstations can be damaged during shipping, etc. It’s very risky for everyone involved.

#reload for this year. Slash for next year. it hasnt been out long enough, and not everyone has it. there would hardly be enough time to get used to it, let alone for everyone to have a chance to purchase it, very few would enter IMO.

id just go with #reload, for this year at least. next year, slash.

Anyone who’s serious about Slash already has it imported.

Like I said, most of the community will play Slash or nothing at all. That’s how much better the game is and how many people have it already.

I would suggest no seeding for the main Slash event in Vegas. At least we could concentrate on getting the hardware for only one location.

I can understand the need for legitimate import copies, but why Japanese PlayStations? Is Swap Magic some form of copywrite infringement I didn’t know about? :confused:

Wow do you have any evidence for that? Because I know over a dozen (relatively) good Guilty Gear players who either have the console version of Slash already, or have access to a Slash arcade machine, compared to just a couple who don’t. In fact, the only players I know who don’t have Slash ordered/pirated/whatever are casual players, not the kind who would fly to Vegas for Evo in the first place.

Didn’t the last poll kind of show that the vast majority of Guilty Gear players want Slash at Evo? Who are you to decide “it hasn’t been out long enough” when the whole community seems to disagree?

Edit: Or maybe you were joking? I don’t even know :-/

While SwapMagic might look/seem shady, there is nothing bad/illegal/wrong about it AS LONG as you are using legit copies of Slash. Modding is completely legal (including swapmagic) and is not controversial at all. The only thing controversial is the pirating. You own your PS2, and in the good ol’ USA, you have the right to do to it whatever you choose to that PS2, since you OWN it… as long as you are not pirating and USING LEGIT GAMES AND NOT BOOTLEGS.

Having said that, I have 2 PS2’s (one modded, and one with Swap Magic) and a REAL copy of GGXX/. I’ll send the game AND one of my PS2’s to you guys. Just give me an address. And when EVO comes around, I’ll bring my other PS2 with me in case it is needed.

Well RenoCrew is willing to buy a JPN PS2 off one of our friend… and donate to EVO

I am at least willing to give my full copy to Evo… Kugz might too… so

thats 1 system 2 games…

Come On GG community… lets get it together and make this happen…

This is not an option.

Guys, please don’t bother posting in this thread giving the Cannons idea on how to run EVO. We as Guilty Gear players need to find methods and ways of getting the systems, or some way of running Slash. Or, we need to bite the bullet and run #R. We cannot delay, either.

I want everyone to please check out this Dust Loop forum thread if you haven’t already, and post if you CAN donate. I will make a huge list, so we can calculate how many we need, and everything involved with it.

Please show your support!

There is no fucking way I would like to have #R at evo this year fuck the “It just came out” #R sucks but from the looks of things I hate to say it but I don’t see the GG community steppin up to get slash this year. By all means prove me wrong but I just don’t personally see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking money out of the pot is fine I’m sure no one from the US cares since the japanese are going to take it :] The new evo site got me hyped up I don’t know what’s coming but looks cool. Evo was awesome last year so I’m sure it will be great this year again haven’t been to a good tourney this year so hopefully this will be that good one :smiley:

Yeah, like Kryian asked: Why Japanese PS2s?

As DreamDateDoug already pointed out, using Swap Magic and playing imported games on domestic PS2s is not illegal.

I’m going to guess that the toyota sponsorship has something to do with it

I’m a little confused at the request.

Do we need to come up with 20 consoles and games total, or 20 consoles and games for each tournament?

Because I’m trying to imagine 20 consoles for Guilty Gear lined up in a row, that’d be so sweet.

And, if we do end up going the #R route, does that mean the tourney will be on Xbox?

I’m visiting Kugler at Reno, thusly posting at his house. This isn’t a dupe account.

It saddens me that things have had to turn this way. Evo is going to be awesome this year, no doubt, and props to Evo staff for making it as big as it, but getting Slash at Evo this year seems rather bleak. The odds of getting that many JP PS2s is slim, but getting the games is not. I know that anyone serious in the GG players, including myself and many of my friends in Reno and NorCal, but the Japanese PS2s pose a huge problem. I only know of two JP PS2s in NorCal, but we in the GG community are working on trying to get Slash at Evo.

Realistically, I don’t see Slash (or GG at Evo at all this year if Slash is not there) at Evo this year, but the community will try its best to make it happen.