Guilty Gear Slash Thread: Singles Results (And full Team)

Slash Singles Results(Posted on Dustloop and SRK)

Singles Slash RESULTS!!!

1st - Elven Shadow (FA) $308
2nd - Poon (ABA) $88
3rd - Fubarduck (ZA) $44
4th - Cue (ED, SO, SL)
5th - Hellmonkey (BA)
5th - Zidane (AN)
7th - Definitly (MI)
7th - Marneto (ABA)
9th - Alex G. (DI)
9th - Sirlin (CH, PO)
9th - Jan (PO)
9th - FlashMetroid (JA)
13th - Simon (SO)
13th - Prucha (VE)
13th - Jamar (PO)
13th - Kensou (CH)
17th - Robot (SO)
17th - KenmastersX (JO)
17th - Hellsap (ZA)
17th - KBalch (DI)
17th - PimpJuice (ED)
17th - Mike Young (KY)
17th - PhaethonH (MA)
17th - AKA (MI)

If you want to know what you placed if you placed lower then this (like me ^_^) then just PM me or AIM me. I’m not down with all dat noise. I would be upset at my placing in this tourney but I got beat by the same two guys Alex G. did: Zidane and Hellmonkey. If you played either of them ever you would understand. They are both awsome…

OK here is a list of all who entered. (Let me know if you are either not on here and you should be or if you are on here and weren’t able to enter the tourney.) I thought there were only 44 entries but I got 48 here so bleh… Its possible some people just didnt pay or I have a few people who dropped from the tourney in the brackets still…

Andrew from New York
Shekei b.
Elven Shadow
Flash Metroid
Tuan from Texas
Alex Ernis
Win C.
Bob Washington
Final Showdown
Mike Young
Alex G.
Digital Watches
Mike S.
Juicy G.

The pot was only for 44 people… My apologies for how sloppy and last minute this tourney was ran… I would like to give a big FUCK YOU shoutout to Marn for just plainly being to lazy to even help with the tourney much less run it like you said you were going to… You are top player at rock paper scissors though…

Phaethon basically took over the tourney half way through and allowed me to sit back and relax a bit. I was tired from making brackets and organizing shit so he really came through. Also I know alot more people tried and help and for that I thank you. I really didn’t expect to be running this whole thing since Marn said he would be but it turned out pretty damn good

Some highlights:

Zidane beats me, Alex G., and AKA… Japanese tell him that his Anji is sick…
Hellmonkey a young kid over here in SoCal new to GG beats the following: Me, Juicy G., Alex G., YooYoung, and Definitly who are all good players…
FinalShowdown loses to Mike Young (Awsome Ky player from Atlanta… you da man nigga) and then disqualifies himself do to personal drama =D
Fubarduck rolls over peeps with his reborn Zappa(I told you Ky wasn’t for you). He beats Cue(Cue beat him in winners… revenge bitch), Zidane, Jan, in loser bracket and takes third place.
No Japanese entered. To busy shopping. O_O*

Just to clarify no vids were taken of this tourney ;_;

Oh and here are Complete Team results again just to have them up:

Slash Team Results!!!

1st - Bas (Ed), Mint (Te), Ruu (Br)
2nd - Kindevu (Ed), Diago(So), RF(Fa)
3rd - Alex G.(Di), FlashMetroid(Ja), MynusDono(In)
4th - Cue(Ed), Elvenshadow(Fa), Juicy G.(So)
5th - ID(So), ChaoticBlue(Jo), Combofiend(Ab)
5th - Kugler(Sl), Ronin(Te),SpiritJuice(So)
7th - 7th - Miu(SO), Tokido(KY), Mago (SL)
7th - Heidern98(Ky), YooYoung(So), Jamarvelous(Po)

The money matches that I recorded will be up some time next week. RTL will be helping me host them I just gotta rip them.


wtf personaly drama? I dropped out cuz I THOUGHT or should I say I was TOLD that the japanese were entering(which is the only reason I entered in the first place since I didnt play any causals all weekend, so I wanted a chance to play them)then after I had already paied my money then I found out they werent even going to play or even there in the first place. So I was like whatever ill play, then second match I had to vs kombatfreak and he started talking about all this honor BS(which I guess yea he means it as a compliment but I take it as being rude)and im like whatever im just not going to give a fuck and then forfiet. Which is what I did. I didnt enter to play ky vs ky the whole time, I enterd to play the japanese. Had I known they werent going to enter after I was told they were/did I wouldnt have enterd in the first place.

Well, it was kind of a last minute decision that they decided to go shopping with us. Can’t blame the tournament runners for that.