Guilty Gear Slash vs. Reload at Evo

With the release of Slash on PS2, I think this game should be the clear choice as to which Guilty Gear version will be featured at Evo. Discuss

evo2k4 - ggxx
evo2k5 - #reload
evo2k6 - /slash

it’s evo tradition.

Slash will be the game to pick if we want any Japanese or overseas competitors to come. That’s the game they will care about, not #R. Plus it’s the new, fresh game…and evo is a good few months away…so why NOT have slash…?


Has to be Slash. :confused:

No one cares about #Reload anymore.

Without a doubt slash is the choice

Ya’ gotta be very retarded to perfer Slash over #R =/

Even those who have yet to play Slash are gonna wanna have it at Evo.

No contest.

If Slash is not supported at EVO, you are hurting the fighting game scene.

Please remember that GGXX #r was only allowed at Evo because it was available to the masses on a US platform.

I added a poll to the thread.

I really do believe that the majority of guilty gear players attending evo would prefer Slash.

MrWizard: Are you implying that Slash will not be at Evo if it is not available on a US platform by then?

slash, people are gonna bitch if #R is not on PS2 anyway because no one owns Xbox joysticks in the community and converters usually lag by a tiny amount.

To Heart 2!!!

(I voted Slash)

Don’t you mean “You gotta be retarded to prefer #R over Slash”?

Slash is pretty much the only real choice without alienating the GG scene. The transition from XX to #R is very different from the transition from #R to Slash. By this point people have their modded/import PS2s already, and several people in various places have Slash on pre-order.
By the time Evo hits, most GG players will be playing Slash anyhow. It is the most logical GG game to have if you’re going to have a GG tournament at Evo.

The GG players will go for Slash by a landslide. Any other choice and we’ll go crazy and riot the streets.

I won’t say bad things for the people who voted #Reload, but just implement what I think through emoticons. :annoy: :rolleyes: :mad:

Correct. However, the US platform was NOT used for the #R tourney last year. It was on Japanese PS2. I don’t see why I would be a problem doing the same thing this year for Slash… Also, a large majority of the GG community has already or will be playing Slash by this week anyways. With EVO a minimum of 5 months away, there is no reason OR excuse for anyone to not be prepared for a Slash tourney by then.

Slash superior. #R inferior.

Well I obviously perfer slash but it looks like some amount of people want reload I dont know who they are but check the votes. Yeah it would make no since for it tobe in reload since it was held on Jappanesse cabinets last year …Whats the big deal if its slash anyway most people who take gaming seriously have Slash anyway are found some way to play it

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poll is basicly useless, there was a poll for reload 2 years ago over XX. It won by a large amount, and no one gave a shit, and it was XX still.

Anyone who wants #Reload there is a fucking scrub and should go back to playing Alpha 2, 2nd Impact, CvS1, and MvC. Actually, they should just go play SvC and mash buttons because the fighting game community doesn’t really give two shits about those people.

Anywho, there should be no reason NOT to have Slash at Evo. To say “We’re not having it at Evo because it’s not available to the masses in the US” is a bullshit argument. Anyone who played #Reload before already has a means of playing Slash.