Guilty Gear theme for 360 possibly hints at new character

Dunno if this is old or not. The new guy kinda looks like Ky with an eyepatch…


Already posted this at Dustloop and RC, didn’t think SRK would care as much. Fairly recent news though, about a week old. It also hints that Slash (or some other game) will be released for 360, since nothing has been announced yet.


‘Sin’, the new character is thought to be a futuristic Ky, maybe an ex-Holy Order version, which would coincide with Holy Order Sol nicely.

I can’t seem to understand why they’d decide on releasing Slash for the 360 (ignoring a possible xbox1 release) when it’s already slated for a ps2 release sometime next year. Unless of course, they’re attempting to broaden the range of 2d fighters for X360.

Its already been talk about many times that its NOT Ky or any version of him

Maybe so, but the resemblances are uncanny. My gut tells me he’s from an alternate timeline. I-No’s interference had to have a consequence.

I’s agree. And he’s rockin the eyepatch quite nicely. But this dude name’s Sin right?? Damn, and I just finished playing FFX and I just beat the sumbitch 50 times over. Good to see X360 getting some good play.

My guess would be that they are aiming for a U.S. release on XB360, since the ps2 port likely won’t see the light of day in America. Instead of porting it to the now dead Xbox, they’ll bring it to the 360.

Will GGXX Slash be released on the PS2 in NA? Because just like with NGBC, I don’t want to buy a $400 console just for those games.

Oh? And what makes you so sure that it isn’t?

Please for the love of god, don’t let it be Holy Order Ky.

Wait wait, so that character is going to be XBox2 exclusive? Bullshit.

Yeah, because they sure are going to release this one on PS2 in the US after releasing GGXX#R… oh wait.


Is the 360 version even gonna be a fighting game? I mean, sure it will be based on a fighting game, but it sounds like like another feature type game… like… I dunno… Isuka 2?

If thats the case, I’m not really interested but if it is infact another fighting game or maybe a “better version of Slash” then I’ll go for it.

The idea of Isuka 2 makes me cry.

Not tears of joy, either. Like, rape victim tears.

What happened to their creativity? :lol: Another version of Sol as the new character in slash! A character that looks way too much like Ky as a new character, probably also wielding a sword! >__> He looks pretty cool, but usually they have the most creative character designs, you know?

Sammy is turning into Capcom.

The day I see Violent Axl, I quit GG.

Unlike Capcom, I would say that I’m happy to have any new game come out with any new changes, that isn’t boring or dull. :slight_smile:

Its funny how you guys just jump on the bandwagan saying its Ky

Just because it looks little to nothing like Ky. Get it over with ppl, if anything, this is ALL A BIG GUESS, it might not even be a new character to begen with