Guilty Gear vs King Of Fighters

Between both of these,which do you perfer?

This is not a Guilty Gear or KOF forum,so No Advantages/No Excuses.Which of these games SRK perfer the most.

Huh~ I only really started playing KOF when XI hit…whereas with GG I’ve been playing since the PS1 game first came out…so gonna have to go with GG.

Contender for worst thread of the year.

flame bait

I like Virtua Fighter %

im asian,GG of coarse

why do i feel that the votes are going to be close as fuck!im going to go take some penis enlargements,then im going to vote,brb

It depends.

KOF has all that tradition that SNK brought us through the years. I like the old SNK times, that ppl was like “omg, I cant wait for the next KOF this year _” and stuff like that. But in the actual days I dont give a fuck for SNKP anymore. Different politics, different games. Guilty Gear is very cool also, but SNK will be never forgotten, I really grew through SNK games, although I prefer GG than that new SNKP games… So I vote for SNK (the old one) bcuz of its great tradition and all. But for the actual games I vote for GG.

WTF it has to do with game preference? All the asia countries still play KOF in the actual days, big tourneys and shit. And a great bunch of americans like GG.

In before eventual Angry but nonetheless Hazardous Manifestations…

Guilty Gear FTW

Guilty Gear shines best I think when it comes to character depth. I’ve yet to see any game beat it in this regard.

16-5, Damn these votes are close.

This vs That threads are GOLDEN.

King of Fighters.

Nothing against Guilty,but the game is hard as fuck,and the characters are too strange.

I voted KOF so Dark Geese won’t have a heart attack, but it’s still 20-10.

I think a more appropriate thread would be “Capcom’s Marvel games (because just saying “Marvel vs series” leaves out Xmen:COTA and MSH) vs GG”


i like GG but it feels too much like a circus
and i like few charas…most of them won’t suit the atmosphere at all

btw zappa is one of the best character/design/idea/gameplay ever made

Shit thread, but once GG has survived a decade + of life and remained good, I’ll consider voting for it over KOF.

And one of the best musician/composers who ever lived.

GG, because it feels so smooth.

Like a blanket that gets warmer with age.

kof because theres too many flaming homos in gg