Guilty gear wallpapers

hi i need some guilty gear wallpaper.

Its really important that i get one that is high res, and i want something that looks really good. I am going to make this the backdrop for my custom made fighting stick, so i want it to be nice because i am paying this guy like 60-70 dollars to make this thing for me.

My favorite charactors are baiken, dizzy, millia, testament, kai, and eddy. but dont limit it to those.

So please i want something that would look cool, because the buttons might take up the sides, i may want to get some sort of backdrop that wont take up the sides, you guys know where the fighting stick spots are relative.

If anyone can get me some good wallpaper i would appreciate it.

sorry this is my first time posting on here, so i didnt know there was a kind of “system” on this forum until i read through some stuff. Someone doesnt have to MAKE me a good joystick backdrop, if i could just get a good link to one, that would be great. If someone wants to make one FOR me, i would be much appreciated. But please i need you to be good, i would feel bad if i got a scan that wasnt very good and i had to use a different one while someone made it for me. im spending a lot of money on my stick so thank you so much to anyone that helps.

If you guys like photoshop i would like some of the ggx2 girls on there, i dont like jam as much so i dont need her, my favorite is baiken. I need this somewhat centered because this is going on a stick. I wouldnt mind if you show a lot of cleavage or leg from the girls, but i want them to look GOOD, not trashy, what im saying is i dont want my joystick scaring girls that come into my house, lol.