Guilty Gear - Who plays?


I was kind of disappointed to see that there wasn’t a sub-forum for this, I suppose it isn’t the popular fighter on the market but it’s still a fantastic game.

It has largely been replaced by Blazblue in terms of development, but that’s like saying there isn’t a point playing SFII because IV is out, it has it’s quirks and unique gameplay which makes it enjoyable.

Anyone else play any of the Guilty Gear (fighting) games?

Personally I mostly play X2 Accent Core on the Wii, I don’t have Plus, and haven’t really felt to need to go out and get it. I’d say (the above) it’s the best fighter on the Wii, even marginally superior to Capcom Vs. Tatsunoku, the only other fighter really worth your time on the console.

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From what I’ve seen on this site: nobody.


That’s why we have dustloop friend.

As for why people don’t play GG on SRK, it’s too balanced, well made, and not 3D.


I don’t think I’ve been to Dustloop, I don’t spend a lot of time online on forums, I really should look into the community more.

GG is a very good game, 3D has never been important to me, the game looks better than most 3D games anyway.


There’s a few people, including myself and Hecatom.


I just started playing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on Wii not too long ago…I also have #Reload on Xbox 360 and GGX for Dreamcast. It’s been a little over a month since I started getting into Guilty Gear so I’m still green on some of the finer points.

GG Discussion at Dustloop is pretty much dead but there’s a recent tutorial for new players like myself to catch up on the system mechanics in AC:


P.S. I still play Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars on the side :smiley:


Hey me too :slight_smile: It was my main game next to Blazblue and SSFIV for a long time, I’ve largely dropped it recently in favour of learning UMvC3, I’ve played the earlier ones, but I passed on MvC3 originally. The game is not what I’m used to, I find it rather chaotic, even by tag team standards.

The Guilty Gear series is highly under-rated, I find Capcom fanboyism keeps a lot of people away from Arcs titles. I’ll admit not all of them are fantastic (Battle Fantasia was crap) but the entire line of XX games and Blazblue are incredible.

The series has got a bit of exposure in the states as well through events, I think the lack of PS3/360 release for the current gen is what’s holding it back. I believe Daigo won GGXX at Evo around '04, and he’s one of the biggest celebrities in the fighting game community as we all know.


Dagio’s mediocre in GG, honestly. It is very underrated, but I think it has to do with difficulty.

Another problem with it is that the game hasn’t been updated in over 3 years, and it had a tiny opening anyway. Accent Core+ came out a while ago, and it wasn’t huge… Whereas Marvel 2 came out 12 years ago and it was always huge until probably 2 years ago when it finally died. Guilty Gear was always small in the states. #R was sorta popular on Xbox, but only “sorta”



I bought GG X2 #Reload for PC and am lulzing around with it. Don’t understand anything.
Also, button config is iffy and doesn’t let me bind restart/menu, so I now have these on RT and LT which is pretty annoying.


What are you trying to understand with it? It’s Street Fighter with Jump Installs, burst, and cancels.



That’s the site you want if you have any questions. Why there isn’t a PS3 version (sans that European release) with BlazBlue netcode’s is beyond my comprehension.


Having grown up around fighters and arcade machines, I don’t find GG overly challenging, it is if you’re playing a highly experienced player as you can get trapped in massive combo chains and beaten to a pulp or instant killed, but for anyone with a decent grasp of say, SSIV, you should be able to pick it up and learn it.

GG is one series I’d like to see played more, it has incredible depth, it’s one of the deepest fighting games on the market, mechanics wise, it’s just perhaps overly niche in it’s appeal. Anyone with a Wii should really give it a shot.


Or a PS2… As AC+ is also on PS2…

The part that’s difficult isn’t doing the combos and that sort of thing… the difficult thing is to KNOW WHEN to do the combos, WHEN to burst, when you want to air-to-air vs. air throw, when when when… it’s a LOT of hardass timing to get used to playing it.


Hmm, it got a Euro release didn’t it?

That’s seriously quite strange for a PS2 game to get released in 2010/11. It would have been smarter for the publisher to launch it on PSN/XBLA, like Arcane Hearts, it would have no doubt been cheaper on the publishers part and appealed to a wider audience. Not many people regularly buy new games for their PS2…

The timing can be a bit complex, really it depends on the character you play, some characters are far far far easier than others.


American release of AC+ on PS2


Original AC


As for characters, yes, there are dumb fucking easy ones like, and people disagree with this, Sol is dumb. When you pick characters like Eddie, Venom, and I think especially Zappa… you’re going to run into a lot of difficulties learning how they work. Even Faust isn’t straightforward a lot of the time. Overall though, the game’s really balanced and each character requires a good amount of time and effort to really make shine out. Eddie’s really OP in a lot of the versions, but he requires a lot to learn how to use him… Very few Eddie players can really make him be OP, but I think he has the highest potential of all of the cast. In theory, a perfectly played Venom ball trap is completely inescapable… but that’s theory, and it’s nearly impossible to perform on the fly unless you can read your opponent’s mind.


Hmm… system was still dead/dying at that point. They should really re-release it online. I have the Wii version, it’s one of maybe 3 games I actually play on the Wii, honestly it’s a very solid port, providing you don’t use the wii remote but that goes without saying for any game.

Out of curiosity , what version of the game do you usually play? Have you played many of the games in the series?


I own the AC+ on PS2, which is the version that I should normally play, but most of the time, I play #R since it’s connected to my PC and that’s on and hooked up more than my PS2 these days… I don’t have AC for the PC, even though I should get it.
I spent most of my time playing GG on PSX, as I bought it on launch day and played it almost every day until GGX came out on Dreamcast… Barely played that one though… Most of my time is on #R. I spent maybe a week with Slash, and I never actually played GGXX or the original version of AC


I didn’t realise that AC was out on PC, I should probably look into that, do you know where (if) you can find AC+ on PC? Unfortunately I don’t have a fight stick for my PC, I wonder if the Madcatz SFIV tournament v2 would work though, it’s a PS3 stick but has a USB cable. I’m not a massive tech-head but I know my computer has a USB port.

I had the original on PSone, it was a fun game, quite different to the direction the series has gone though, it’s not really a weapon fighter anymore. I’ve got the Dreamcast release of X and picked the series up again with XXAC on Wii release because I wanted a serious fighter for the system. Lets be honest, Smash Brothers isn’t an actual fighting game and most of what’s on the system is crap.


All of my PS3 and Xbox sticks work on my PC. I have a modded FS3, Cthulu board PS3, EX2, HRAP3
Unfortunately, only my FS3 is in working condition ATM

Anyway… It’s not an official PC release.
You get Netplay with it. It’s the tits.

I’m not going to link you to the actual thing, because it will provide you with the ROM and that’s illegal, but if you do a Google search for: GGXXAC Online netplay
You should find it. It’s a GoogleSites


Thanks for the info, those HORI sticks are not bad, I think my Wii one is HORI though it’s under the official Nintendo license in the White/Blue Wii colours. I got the official SSFIV one for PS3 rather cheap and I’ve had no complaints. I have a few older ones for other systems.

Back onto the discussion though, what characters do you usually play?