Guilty Gear X and X 1.5 tiers

I know Dizzy, Zato, Johnny and Millia ran GGX, but does anyone know where the other characters ranked?

What about X 1.5? How did that turn out? Was it not played enough for anyone to know anything definite about it?


X 1.5 didn’t get enough attention to be tiered, I think.

Top 3 for X was Millia, Johnny, Dizzy, in about that order. I dunno where you got Zato from, he was high-mid at very best, more mid-ish. After top 3 you get characters like Jam and Sol, Chipp, maybe Venom. Bottoms were Potemkin, Axl, Testament, Ky, though not necessarily in that order.

im pretty intrested in what the X 1.5 tiers would have been myself… im sure theres something out there, somewhere with some knowledge of it.

Seriously? I heard Zato was top, so I dunno one of us is prolly wrong. I guess the lack of FRC and air throwing in the game among other stuff kinda hurt him. Didn’t he have some nasty double unblockables tho?

I expected Ky to be low as he doesn’t really seem to have anything going for him. Axl didn’t seem to have much either as he lacked some of the good stuff he got later on and Testament just seemed like a half-assed character compared to now, but what’s wrong with Potemkin in this one?

Feel free to explain a little more on my imput btw.

Hm, Baiken seems solid tho, I remember seeing some tournament vids a while back and a Baiken player was actually doing pretty good. Battle for Saints was it?

The last Arcadia tier list for GGX went like this IIRC:

Top = Millia, Dizzy, Johnny
Upper-Mid = Jam, Sol, Chipp, Venom…and May I think
Mid = Most of the others
Bottom = Ky, Testament, Potemkin, Axl

Jam/Sol/Chipp all had great stuff with FCD. Venom had insane multi-ball oki since you couldn’t air tech after OTG hits, and it led into itself again ala Millia. Not sure why May would rank high. shrug

All I know about Zato is he didn’t have the shark in X, so not as many unblockables.

And I think Potemkin sucked because of the lack of FCD, or anything broken to make up for it ala Johnny.

Didnt potemkins shield dizzy even if it hit otg in X? So you could do combo, sweep, then shield then combo again buster whatever. I thought malik told me that once. Its been so long since ive played the game though, I cant say for sure if it was true or not though.

well having played ggx1.5 for 3 years in arcades here’s what i think.

Top tier: millia, testament, zato, ky, sol, jam
upper mid: johnny, dizzy, baiken
mid: potemkin and others
bottom: chipp, may, axl

Now this is just my opinion and based on MY arcade. Now one thing you have to keep in mind is how quick ppl dizzy in this game. Two dusts by jam and ky would usually net you a free IK straight away. With testament, his s(f) gatles into grave digger hence it is piss easy to land grave digger loop. Add to that you got backwards and forwards barney. Sol has his Bandit revolver loop and his damage is farken retarded added with bandit revolver having heaps of priority (you can just chain into bandit revolver all day and spam, and they can barely do anything about it, especially if they don’t have a DP). As for johnny and DIzzy, they do shit loads of damage as well, off a throw even, with Dizzy having that extra retarded j.2hs where she spirals down with her wings. And why baiken? because her 412p LAUNCHES if it hits. Doesn’t have to be counter hit, it just launches, and so about 3/4 combos from that and you get a FREE IK. Oh and remember she can spam 2d all day.

Now why do chipp may and axl suck? Well chipp sucks because in the arcades he realli dizzies and dies waay too quickly. One dust combo and a few hits nearly guarantess an IK. As for may, well she doesn’t have much to work with. No frc dolphins, NOTHING. Similar with axl, sure he has axl bomber loop, but how often can you land that shit without resen frc? Additionally axl’s resen doesn’t knock down… how farkin’ gay is that!?

Now what about anji, faust and co.? well they’re just normal like they are in xx/reload… well sort of anyway. I mean sure you dun have burst to get out of butterfly trap and that retarded fujiin loop. But his abare still sucks (or should i just say, it’s farkin’ hard to get in and land a few good hits?)… but then if you do land a knockdown… HMMMMmmmmmmmmm maybe he is high tier i guess… shrug. Just wanted to add about anji is that he can do ON again and again. Well sort of… cause ON launches them really HIGH, and so you can dash in and do it again and again (not infinite, but still). oh well hope this has been informative to some of you…


Zato in X had like, one way to unblockable you, and a bunch of shitty combos. The addition of j.D and Shadow Gallery is pretty much what made his combos work in XX onward. Playing Zato in X was basically “get in the fucking corner so I can do Damned Fang and set up my unblockable Drill Special.”

Potemkin was utter garbage in X, for the most part. No Hammerfall Break and no FRCs = really fucking hard to get in. He basically lost for free to Dizzy or Millia and Chipp had little to no problem with him because of FCD into fucking DEATH.

Which reminds me, was FC/FCD removed in 1.5? I’ve only played it once and that was on sticks that had a fucked-up layout, so I couldn’t do crap. FCD stuff is what defined a lot of the characters; Jam’s FCD infinite could lead to a dizzy after about ten hits, and it was piss-easy to do because you could start it off of fucking crouching kicks. Dizzy with and without FCD = two completely different characters, almost.

no i don’t think so… at least i couldn’t do any of that FDC stuff… i could only do chipp’s FDC j.hs