Guilty Gear X Arcade unit for ~$200-300

So I’ve been offered this unit from a local arcade. Good deal? What hardware does it use? Everywhere I look the hardware is just listed as “Arcade”.

Possibly on Naomi ( or even Atomiswave ( depending on when that particular one came out.

Is it possible that it isn’t on either?

Not really, since those games ran on those two boards.

Make sure though which game it is. Guilty Gear X is the Naomi board one, while Guilty Gear X 1.5 is on the atomiswave. The Naomi board is a bit stronger and has had a bunch more games than the atomiswave, but atomiswave games are a bit cheaper I believe and there’s a few gems on the board. Just make sure which game is on it for sure. :slight_smile:

Ok good just making sure. Didn’t want to get my hopes up for a Naomi/Atomiswave and then get some proprietary nonsense.