Guilty Gear X: Infinities

does anyone have any infinities for any character. i’ve been trying to beat that GGX survival mode for the longest time now. the highest score i got was 81. if anyone can help me it would be much appriciated.

You don’t need an infinite to beat the survival mode.

Just use Venom as your character and throw a lot. Any time you throw, you will get mad points for it. And Venom can follow-up his throw with a combo. You gain levels so quickly that way, you can easily go strait from Gold Chipp to Gold Potemkin and then strait to Gold Baiken before the matches even end.

The easiest and most damaging throw follow up would be throw, 6HS, HS-double head morbid (623HS). You don’t even need any special timing, it’s just dead simple.

And the easiest way to throw the computer is to just jump at them, double jump strait up or up-toward, land near them, and throw them.

Works on mostly everyone every, even Gold Millia and Gold Zato-1 (Eddie).

On hard characters, shoot a lot from accross the screen. Use ball formations (214+button) and charge your horizontal shot (forget the name, it’s charge 4, 6HS, hold HS).

Do this against Gold Potemkin a lot too from accross the screen. Just use his ball formation and make 4 balls appear, then use 6HS to shoot them all at him, he’ll get raped for damage.

Use your Dark Angel overdrive (2141236S) a lot too, as the computer is such a retard. Just use it any time, dash toward them full screen, do your standing Dust attack, and follow up with whatever Dust combo you want. I prefer :

HS, double jump, HS, 236236HS if you have meter.


HS, double jump, HS, double jump, S, P, S, P, S, double jump, S, HS

Also, any time the computer blocks low, it won’t block high. So just do a 2K, 5D and follow up (as it won’t block the 5D). You can do that after a Dark Angel also. Really brain-dead simple, just make sure you’re doing 2K and not 6K.

On Gold Faust, DO NOT TURTLE. Keep close to him and poke at him. Wait for him to do his super/overdrive, and THEN combo him to death (as the move lags like hell).

Gold Venom is a joke, you should have no problems there. Just throw Gold Millia to death, easy win. Don’t let her speed scare you, she is still just as simple to beat as the others. Same with Gold Zato-1, throw and Dark Angel him.

Basically just be a throw whore and use the Dark Angel any time you have enough meter. You’ll gain back enough meter to do it again if you use a large dust combo after the DA. And you’ll gain mad levels.

It’s easy really, you don’t even have to know how to play Venom to beat survival with him.

However, if Venom just isn’t your style, use Jam. :rolleyes:


in my mind i was hoping some one would give me tips on how to beat it with venom. thanks man. im going to print this out. you have helped me out big time. I normally just dart at the opponent, never thought of throwing them. thanks agin.

I forgot to mention you’ll also gain back a shit-ton of life each time you throw.

That’s because each hit causes you to gain life. And Venoms throw seems to “hit” multiple times.

Just post any match-ups you’re having trouble with (IF you have trouble, heh). But, you really shouldn’t have trouble beating it under 10 minutes. Faust and Zato-1 (Eddie) will probably take the longest, or Millia if you can’t predict her movements.

Remember to hold down the trigger buttons after you beat Gold Zato so you can advance into the shadow rounds.

Also, the throw “glitch” won’t be so noticable in the first few matches, but once you get to Gold Chipp you will notice a HUGE difference.

Do that throw combo 2 or 3 times on him and you’ll advance in levels strait to Gold Potemkin. If you manage to repeat the process on Potemkin you’ll go strait to Gold Baiken without any matches in between, and then you should even be able to do it on Baiken.

Heh, what infinites were in the game anyways.

Kinda curious. :smiley:

Glitched ones. Everyone could do them but Potemkin I think.

Back in GGX, there was a “glitch” that allowed you to cancel your sweep (2D) with a Fautless Defense within the first few frames of the sweep (kind of like a kara-cancel).

Since sweeps can cancel any normal move, and a Fautless Defense canceled a sweep, it was like a free Roman Cancel.

Basically, what you would do is dash, do a combo, hit down-toward + S+SH (sweep), then down-back + P+K (fautless defense) really fast to cancel the sweep, then press toward (to dash) and continue the combo over and over.

Potemkin was the only one who couldn’t do it because he can’t dash.

Other than that, I’m pretty sure many other characters had “true” infinites (eg. non-glitched ones).

Jam, Millia, and Sol probably have the same ones that exist in GGXX, I would think.

Jam’s infinite is now just a loop, except against pot where if you modify the loop, it is still infinite.

Millia and Sol don’t have any infinites in XX, just loops

Well then they are 100% combos in GGX.

The same loops performed in GGX would stun/dizzy the opponent really fast (since stun/dizzy guage was messed up in GGX). Then you could just Activate and Destory, whee!

Just do the loops to dizzy them, then Activate and Destroy.

Either that or just re-set the loop, since the damage was screwed up in that game too, it’d prolly kill them.

Anyway, I know Jam has several 100% damage combos that don’t involve glitched sweeps or Destory moves, so that’s good enough IMO. And I’m sure Millia and Sol can do the same things.

In fact, I think Millia could re-set her launch loop in GGX.

IIRC, Johnny, Zato-1 (Eddie), and Millia were top tier in GGX. Maybe Jam too, but I can’t recall.

Zato-1 was not top tier. He was nowhere near as jacked as Eddie is in XX/#R. He was still good though, just not as much damage and versatility (you had to focus entirely on the Drill Special unblockable in order to really put the hurt on).

Top tier in GGX was Millia, Johnny, Dizzy. Johnny raped hardcore, but he lost kinda badly to both Millia and Dizzy (too fast). Otherwise you just got Mist Trapped. Fun.

Jam was also sick good, simply because she had one of the easiest and best FCD infinites in the game (not to mention her sick damage).

Couple of corrections:

Sweeps didn’t cancel ANY normal move, just a good deal of them. Everyone had different chains.

BTW, the correct way to do a FCD (Faultless Cancel Dash) was to do a sweep-cancellable move, sweep (d+S+HS), then hold P+K and do f,b,f really quickly. The method you mentioned might work but it sounds much harder to me (simply because you’d have to hit the diagonal directions precisely).

So everyone’s basic FCD infinite formula was chain into sweep-cancellable move, FCD, repeat. Example with Sol:

Dash K-d+HS, FCD, repeat.

Almost every character had something simple like this. Most of them really weren’t worthwhile and players usually used FCD just to add variety to their pressure game. Certain characters obviously had more use for it than others (CHIPP, Dizzy), but everyone could benefit from it.

Johnny really couldn’t do it either since his dash was weird. But he didn’t even need normal FC since he had his Mist Cancels and his Mist Trap. Johnny in X was mad jacked up.

Sol had no “loop” combo in GGX. He didn’t gain his Dust Loop until GGXX. Most of his combos in GGX were simple special and RC-based combos that led into his simplistic air combo (j.S, dj.S-H -> VV). He also had his Dragon Install infinite (not really an infinite since DI doesn’t last forever, but you could do easy 100% combos with DI). Any other “100%” combo he might have had would require full guard meter (probably full Tension too).

Jam had easy dizzy combos where she could just do her FCD infinite for about 10-12 hits and cancel the last hit into her triple special which would almost always dizzy. Then just activate and destroy or reset the infinite. Any 100% combos she had that didn’t involve infinite would probably require charged up specials (or full guard meter/full Tension/yada yada).

I don’t remember Millia having ANY practical 100% combos. Her relaunch combos were good and set up her wake game but they never did THAT much damage. Again, full guard meter shenanigans.

Anyway, GGX was broke. Hooray for Johnny.

anyhow, as someone above me stated, the real joy from FCD was buffering the dash into the faultless cancel, which enabled you to come out running after the shortened recovery of a move

i’m sure you must’ve seen the FCD-enabled infinites watching any later X sammy cups

you have anji using his [s.S] as FCD infinite, jam using [c.P, c.HS 1hit), milia using [s.HS 1hit], sol could get multiple reps on his s.HS(?? clarification needed), dizzy had three reps of her FCD c.HS needed to dizzy the opponent

anyhow, the only ‘infinite’ to suffer to the point of exhaustion (due to damage scaling) was jams one, as already said

and etc etc

ok Xeno, i tried it and i finally beat faust but i fought potemkin after him and since every other time i fought potemkin i got a perfect this time i got cocky and he beat me. every time i would jump dash to get away from him he would do that move where he comes acoss the screen with open arms then slams his fists on you which can not be stoped unless you hit him twice. this game is pissing me off so much that im thinking about buying a gameshark:bluu:

Thanks for the corrections. It’s been a while.

If Zato-1 could beat Millia and Johnny then he was close enough to the top for me to consider him “top”. And IIRC, he could.

If you’re doing air backdashes against Potemkin, and he charges at you, then do your Mad Struggle (236S). The S version comes out fast enough and will hit multiple times on the way down, it should stuff his charge move.

Or if you have meter you could do the 236236HS air super. But you’re probably better off saving the meter for the Dark Angel super (2141236S)

When on the ground: P-Ball (63214P) will double up a Stinger Aim (charge 4, 6S / HS) or Carcass Ride (charge 2, 8S / HS). So first make a P-Ball (63214P), then do a Stinger Aim or Carcass Ride, and both balls will shoot at the same angle.

Charging your Stinger Aim (charge 4, 6HS, hold HS) makes it hit multiple times, so it should stuff his charge move too, just release the ball as soon as you see him charge.

If you’re getting hit by it in the air, then you need to be using your Faultless Defense in the air (in order to air-block it). After you block it, follow up with whatever you want. I assume you know how to faultless defense…

Keep using ball formations (63214+button) and do stinger aims (charge 4, 6HS) to build meter on him. Once you get meter it’s all over, just do your Dark Angel (2141236S), dash at him, and do 2K, 5D, then a dust combo.

If you lose a lot of life, you could try throwing him (to gain back loads of life), but the CPU Potemkin can be a pain to throw some times. I recommend crossing him up with an empty double jump if you’re going for a throw attempt.

Do a P-Ball Formation (63214P), 2P (to hit the ball), dash, 5P, 2K, 2D (sweep)

If the sweep connects, cancel the sweep into another P-Ball Formation and repeat. The computer is so idiotic, it will often not block the P-Ball, and you can just repeat the string over and over.

If it does block the P-Ball, then you could do: dash, 5P, 2K, 5D

If the computer blocks the 2K, it will most likely not block the 5D, and you can just do a Dust combo on it.

You can also replace the 2P with a 5P to hit the ball if you’re having trouble timing it.

Also try learning to do his basic B&B combos:

low air dash (charge 4), S, P, S, (land), 4K, 4S (1 hit), 4HS, 6HS (stinger aim).

low air dash, S, P, S, (land), 2K, 2S, 2D, Ball Formation (63214+button). <-- after the ball formation, hit the ball so that it connects meaty, and go for another combo.

Just don’t screw these combos up or the computer is likely to command-throw you.

Poke a lot with 5S and 2S, they have pretty good range.

thank you

ok, im going to keep trying this until monday. if i dont beat it then gameshark here i come.

According to that definition, lots of characters were top tier since there were plenty of characters who could fight against Millia and Johnny. That doesn’t mean that they won against them most of the time, though. Zato took some work to win. Millia and Johnny were pretty easy mode (and they won more matchups more easily).

Other “good” characters were Sol, Chipp and Venom. Probably a few other decent ones, but Millia/Johnny/Dizzy are the ones that really stuck out.

It was more of an opinion than a definition.

Plus, my opinion might also be effected by the fact that I play Venom.

But still, in high level play, it comes down to who can consistantly win.

I’m positive about Millia and Johnny being absolute top.

However, in my opinion, the ones who could win consistantly were : Johnny, Dizzy, Millia, Jam, and Zato-1.

In my book that puts them in the top tier as well. That’s the reason I put Zato-1 there. And I argue that he took just as much work as the others, just a different “style” or strategy than the others. Hell, he might have even taken less work.

Disagree. I don’t think his tools really put him up on their level. And he certainly wasn’t as easy as Johnny. Johnny was stupid easy. You saw Zato-1 in tournaments, but finals were almost always Millia/Johnny, occasionally Dizzy. He did seem to fight Dizzy pretty well, mostly because of Break The Law. Other than that, he was sort of ho hum in comparison. He was all about command grab -> Drill Special unblockable. Much more difficult to set up than Johnny’s 50320387403 different Mist Trap setups or Millia’s 5639829733 different relaunch into wake setups.

Millia you are correct, but Sol has one. Do this:

6P, HS, 236K, land, K (one-hit), S, 236K, land, K (""), S, 236 K…

That’s not an infinite, just a loop. It won’t go forever and it’s character-specific. You had to change normal moves depending on the character in order to get the loop to work and on certain characters it wouldn’t work at all. Sometimes you could dizzy with it, but it wasn’t an infinite. The only true infinites in GGX revolved around ground-based combos (FCD and IAD based); any combo that juggled couldn’t be an infinite because of the float system (characters get heavier and heavier with each hit).

As long as it does 100%, I don’t think it matters weather it’s a “ture infinite” or not.

On a side note, were there a lot of differences between the arcade and the home version (specifically the DC version), I wonder?

my friend does the bandit revolver loop to me all the time and it never kills or dizzies me and it always ends after a while