Guilty Gear X: Infinities

Ma bad, didn’t know that.

It doesn’t do 100% either. Sometimes it could dizzy some of the lower-stun characters like Millia and Baiken, but on most characters you could get maybe 50% at most, and that was if you were using FCD in conjunction with the Bandit Revolver looping.

Still, “infinite” implies that the combo can literally go forever. If it does 100%, it’s a 100% combo, not an infinite.

Side note, Bandit Revolver loop did more damage in X than it does in XX/#R.

None that I know of. DC version was practically arcade-perfect.

in 1.5 is there a one hit ensenga set-up for johnny?

doesnt may have a nasty loop?

like j. k/s, j. hs?

i think the setup was 6+p, st. slash, jump infinite/loop?

whats the difference between a loop and an infinite???

mag’s rom infinite can only be done for about 45 hits so why is that an infinite and not a loop?

just wondering, not causing any drama, thanks :smiley:

yes, may does have a very damaging loop in X. i’m not sure of the exact notation since:-

  • i’ve been out of X for a very long time
  • i don’t play may at all

i’ m not sure if you’re referring to X or XX/#re though. if you really want to know this loop, i can find out for you if you wish

a loop is a repetition concerning a few attacks/movements, which will eventually end due to varying circumstances (in GG’s case, gravity effect mostly)
an infinite can continue going forever


examples of this is sol’s dust loop. gravity effect will soon kick in, so after a while its best to hit VolVip+K for guaranteed knockdown + oki

again, due to the GG’s series’ aspect of gravity effect, most infinites in the series were ground based, while loops were air based