Guilty Gear X (yes X) Beating Dizzy

figured before I graduate to #reload I’d master X

and I’m close Don’t know if it’s nessary to Roman Cancel and Dust attack but anways

any tips on beating dizzy that don’t involve instant kill?

i played GGX for a short time and at first i really find it hard to beat dizzy, especially her super where she scoops you off the ground and turns you into into a coffin and hits you with 3 arrows(juz jump, LOL, i’m lame!). actually it’s quite easy, juz do any normal move that makes her block low, and then follow up with a dust attack. works with anyone, all the time!

I’m still learning dusts

I did manage to beat her after 5 tries though

idk, she seemed like a really easy boss to me, relative to Justice and I-no. I just got a tad more cautious than I usually was in terms of avoiding/anticipating supers and projectiles. She can be easily Sol’d into submission imo; I found CPU Sol or Zato to be harder fights.