Guilty Gear X2: Venom Ball Formation & Lockdown


Venom is one hard mofo to master. VERY hard. Thus, it’s fairly important to know how to set up each formation.
First off, you must know that, no matter what order you put your balls in, the last ball you put out will be the final formation.
EX: summon K, then P, then S, it will the same if you summoned P, then K, then S.
The position of the balls differs with each different button (P-K-S is different from P-HS-S), but it’s still the S formation, only with different placement for the balls(although S will have the same placement).
I’ll start with the K formation, since it’s fairly easy to remember.
K as first ball:
It’s placed roughly above head level, like so:
[EDIT: Um, is there any way to stop vbulletin from automatically bringing all spaced characters all the way to the left, like so?
/ \

The only way to hit from the ground without using Carcass Raid is f+p, which sends it at a 30 degree angle. It’s not good to use this ball alone, so you’re better off using the P ball.
More to come later.


Check out:

It has a ton of info for Venom combos/traps/patterns from Japan. Look for the ones posted by Kerorin.



Man, this thread is archaic, but people need some place for Venom info as long as GCC is down.

This text file has a condensed version of the huge thread by Kerorin-san which is more or less the bible on Venom. Read it. Know it. Worship it. Love it. Print it.




I am surprised that nobody seems to have try to draw all the 32 balls combinations.

Since I am getting really bored of MvC2 and CvS2… and now I am getting into GGX (<-- that’s all I have here), I am drawing a rough draft of where each balls go for as many pattern as I can think off. Hopefully the trajectory of the balls for GGXX is still the same…

That’s now the sole reason I still go to Golfland.

I have nothing but a computer, paper, a pen, and some very ugly vid in low resolution showing venom in action. I don’t have a console. Here is what I end up so far:

The only thing accurate in this drawing is the ball A and B. All the rest is made up.

BTW, if you can do a better job than me, please do and let me know how you did it (I am interested to know).

Edit: Since the emulator Chanka may be coming, I have decided to draw all the combinations with one ball and maybe some two balls combination.

Boh… from the amount of reply, I guess nobody cares about my +6 hours of work. Oh well… that’s my last update regarding this topic.


Actually, I’m kinda workin on this. In my crude notebook drawings, I have each trajectory have a picture of its own, instead of all on one. I also included jumping attacks, Carcass Raid, Stinger Aim, Double Head Morbid, and Mad Struggle, plus changes from hitting a ball before its completed summoning (like the P ball), dashing hits, forward/backward jumping, and I endeavoured to include even more stuff.

I’d be happy to do this project with someone else, but I’d prefer we did it on the Gamecombos forums, since we’ve got a nice little “Venom Only” sandbox to play in. :smiley:


Give me an URL, and I will try to help each time I go to Golfland.

GGXX in general:
However I still consider myself a scrub when it comes to GGX and Venom. Therefore terms like:

“Carcass Raid, Stinger Aim, Double Head Morbid, and Mad Struggle, plus changes from hitting a ball before its completed summoning (like the P ball), dashing hits, forward/backward jumping”.

is uncomprehensible for my current knowledge. This kind of term is actually getting on my way to understand the other thread about Venom. For example, I still don’t understand how to perform the best dust move (=press CD).
Thanks to Alpha on One, I have an idea, but I am not sure:

“CD, j.C, hold up, CD, CD, qcf.C, land, jump, qcf.D, if you can -> jump, repeat qcf.D”

I am more a KOF and SF type of guy. That’s one reason why my drawings are showing trajectory of A, j.A, c.A, bf.C(=hold back - forward C) blabla… stuff you would most likely see in KOF or SF faqs.

Another thing you may notice: I didn’t bother writing the uppercut C or D, because the balls are always going straight up.

I didn’t also bother with j.qcf.C or j.qcf.D (=jump - then fireball C in the air) because I never saw anyone use that kind of stuff in the videos. It also takes too much time to pull such combinations and it just makes life too complicated: There is no way on earth I am going to memorize everything about Venom… all I want to remember is the best combinations, and which ones to avoid. Well that’s an over simplification, but it is fairly accurate.
That’s why I included only the basic moves of jump-crunch-standing-forward for each buttons, and some special moves like bf.C.

Finally, I wanted to put all the trajectory for each pattern on one image because it gives the reader a better idea what you can pull and you cannot pull when you get such formation.

PS: In case someone don’t understand my drawing, let me inform you that I use the red color for the basic trajectory of a ball. Any other color is for something “special”, like two balls going two different directions.


Now would be a good time to mention

When I get something goin, I’ll post a link to the forum thread.