Guilty gear xrd revelator fightstick teardown


Just thought I would post as there seems to be little info on this stick.

Any info anyone what to add please do.
Also please ask some questions and I will gladly answer. Popping in a octo gate tonight.


It’s been talked about here:

It’s the same stick as mine, only with one updated art panel. Unless they updated the PCB too, the sticks are identical.

Edit: Oh, it looks like yours came with a dust washer for the lever. Mine didn’t.

The only things I really like about the stick is the bezel-less plexi and top panel, as well as the overall size and weight. It’s fairly sturdy/no wobble and the plexi is nice and thick while still allowing the art to shine through. It’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t snag and pull on my arm hairs like the TE2’s bezel does (I have to wear long sleeves when gaming on it). Very solid with lots of wrist room. The art is also super easy to swap; no screws required. If I were designing an arcade stick, and I kinda am, this is the style I would pick for the plexi/top panel.

Aside from the art, the remaining design, i.e. the switches, extra buttons, and LEDs, is rather ugly (as other people here have pointed out before). Very clunky aesthetic choices and wasted potential overall. I’m also not a fan of button LEDs, as I find them too distracting and ostentatious–especially the ones used here. I also don’t like the fact that there is no touch pad or headphone/headset jack(s)/audio pass-through. For a modern PS4-compatible stick, that is inexcusable in my book. For its price, it really should have been a lot nicer.

I’m probably going to sell mine off, along with my Guilty Gear edition TE2. I bought the ebten stick to be a collector’s item (hoping to get an autograph from Ishiwatari and all that, like that would ever happen), but I changed my mind recently. I would like to test it out for that whole lag thing. At least it would provide one last bit of something useful to the community. I’ll likely buy a TE2+, Razer Panthera, or a Qanba Dragon, or something like that with what i get for the sticks. Either that, or keep the sticks as reference materials for my own design. I don’t know 100% yet.


I wonder if we can get a I.D of the board used.
You think it’s compatible with a Ez mod?


it probably is, looks to be common ground from the pictures. Of course the above thread goes into a lot more detail for it, and will probably have confirmation/denial of common ground there.