Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

  • New Character (Though it could be a millia reskin)
  • Unreal Engine
  • 3D Elements?

I’m hyped as all hell for this. Everyone wanted a new GG and we got it, GOD DAMNIT YES.

The new look is going to get a fair amount of hate. But to be honest I’m trying my HARDEST to care less.

UPDATE AS OF 27/07/2013 (British Format)

Loketests being held in Japan as of August @Akibahara

Anyone else not buying into the SFV hype?
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Now the hellish wait commences. Saw this when they Arc System Works posted it on facebook badass trailer indeed.

Are you guys excited for Guilty Gear XRD?

Just hoping the graphics get smoothed out a bit, so it doesn’t look like STHDR as much… Only a few scenes did that to me, but the game looks awesome so far.
That, and the lyrics in the BGM has to go…




That is one of the best looking fighting games I’ve ever seen…EVER.

I’m not usually such a graphics whore but I might play this just because of how spectacular it looks, and I don’t even like Guilty Gear usually.


Holy sh!t, that looks awesome! Will it be for next gen consoles?


I’d imagine it would be for both. Much like BBCP.



So Sol, Ky, Millia and Eddie/Zato confirmed by that trailer


God damn those are realtime gameplay 3D models?


My body is fucking ready


You can see why I’m so surprised. ArcSys has always been striving for the anime look-and-feel with their fighting games. I won’t deny they’ve gotten close to it but this is the first game that I can honestly say has completely pulled it off (and they didn’t even use 2D animation to do it; perhaps that’s why it hasn’t been flawless to now).


I don’t have much interest in Guilty Gear, but this further proves how jaw dropping 2D sprites/animation are and how much of an impact they still have in today’s gaming gen.
The sprites look freaking amazing!

Edit: Whoops, it’s 3D? Still looks freaking good!


Look pretty cool though something seems off in Badguy’s anatomy. It looks like 3D models very anime. I wish Capcom would do that.

Ky looks feminine -_- I don’t wan to imagine what happened with Bridget.




Like that it’s actually a cel shade that makes you somewhat forget it’s a 2.5d game.

Other than that, looks slow, probably going to sell out to slower game speed, lesser execution requirements and hopefully not much more than that. Old GG community will most likely shun this and like BB, will just take on a newer community. Luckily as far as sales go it should do good regardless since it’s part of a prestigious fighting game IP so free sales no matter how good or bad like SFIV or UMVC3. Most likely will get an arcade release which means the game will evolve competitively quicker also.


One of the good things that is 3d is that we could see alternate costumes or 3d models in the vein of the old character designs :slight_smile:


Man I never thought I would see a new guilty gear. I am pleased.


I’m am NOT happy about this.



Okay now that the hype is gone… Ky looks gay. Sol uses original Grandviper. Boo. But still hype over a new GG coming out. Not too fond of the new look but I’d take it over BlazBlue.shots fired


Note: I am not a GG player. This looks good. The sprite work is fucking amazing and 3D backgrounds don’t bother me. They look like really good 3D backgrounds, total opposite of MVC2 or CVS2. I’m amused that Japan is finally using the UE like virtually every other game developer and one would hope this would make a dedicated PC release more likely.

Edit: Didn’t realize that the models are entirely in 3D. Good shit!