Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures


yeah this is the feature I wish there was the most so I could practice frame traps vs throws and different types of guarding. Learning that shit in match can be inconsistent.


I want reversal options just because I’m sick of getting back-dashed on, haha. I swear I am the only person who blocks attacks. Everyone else just mashes back dash or a DP on-wake up if they have it. Majority of players just lock me into doing safe-jump tactics on every down, which sucks because that means I can’t get cards. Need to be able to punish that shit grounded consistently. Too many bad slayers giving me trouble. Who is like 50% of the PC player base for some reason, sol/ky be damned.


Soooo I guess it’s not just a coincidence that The Answer has a suit and has card/scroll throwing attacks with edgy hand motions like Oswald?

The green scroll things used for movement is straight outta Bang also. I like this guy a little more than Bang at least. His design was too generic for me.


Oswald is cooler IMO.

I’m slightly bothered by answer and Baiken having very similar hair.

I feel like it cheapens his design as a new character. Ninja in a business suit was cool, the extra hair is like…super kawaii I hate it.


i mean, maybe you should use backdash yourself? Also you can’t really mash backdash.

blocking is mostly bad if you can avoid it.

anyways i just record the dummy doing the offensive sequence and do the reversals myself atm, it just takes some extra time. osing most backdashes isn’t that bad.





Use anti-backdash tactics?
Actual meaties cannot be backdashed.
YRC in neutral to fuck your opponents inputs up.
Long range attacks with a lot of active frames? e.g. Ky’s 6H. IDK about his new one, but for now this one works. IDK who you use, but everyone has at least one. Venom’s is fS or S Stinger Aim. He also has DHM depening on how much you want to commit.

But yeah… umm… stop blocking. You don’t want that life. You want to avoid as much as you can and be as mobile as you can. The moment you decide to block when other options exist, is the moment you put yourself in a bad spot. This ain’t Street Fighter.


Stop blocking sounds like the worst advice for a new player. I don’t want to end up like the lot I often play against that can’t block a simple high-low. Learning opposing characters Gatlings by blocking, tinkering with FD and JG pushback changes and stun differences have yielded great results for me. Against a character like Millia, I could see taking as many gambles as possible to avoid her oki, but I usually value consistency over risks with mixed results. Until I don’t need to learn more about a character, I will continue to follow my 3S mindset, which is to always block, parry/reject/backdash reactable meaties. My defense, thankfully, is not my main issue, it’s maintaining my offense.

Does a true meaty stop backdash? I was under the impression they were invincible frame 1. Does the game have a mandatory neutral frame? If it did that would make reversal DP not real as well. I’ve been using 2H and 5H as meaties more, as I’ve seen a lot of high level Jams start with those. Works alright against characters with weaker invincible back dash timing, but aren’t active or ranged enough to really stop the longer ones. I want to 5K meaty into another move if the 5K whiffs, but some back dashes are so fast they recover before my next move even starts. Where’s my whiff cancelable normals – I need some KoF properties, heh.

I do use YRC, but Jam is already such a meter hog, I’d like to gather as many meterless options as well. Honestly if a true meaty stops backdash then the problem is already solved. I was under the assumption that did not work. Is this true against throws too? Sounds like the same concept to me, as this implies there is a guaranteed neutral frame.

Couple other questions:

Does GG have trip guard? Seems a rare situation in GG but would be useful to know.

What’s the actual slow down speed for characters dealing with an opponents YRC? I ask because I’ve been throwing and been thrown by YRC jump air throw and I both don’t get what my opponent could do to stop it or myself once the YRC goes off. (I certainly understand why old GG players hate the slow down on RCs, it is kind of silly sometimes. Was a beautiful decision to both make the mechanic fresh while also making it easier to use though)


The best way I’ve found to record reversals is to first record the dummy just standing there doing nothing for a while, then playback the recording and perform your combo (set the playback button to a button that is easy for you to press simultaneously as your combo starter, ie, 2K + playback). Once your combo is finished, take note of the time in the playback when the dummy is getting up. Then, do a new recording and perform a reversal at the time you noted previously. It will take a few tries most likely, but you know you got it when you get the “reversal” message. You can also do this with things like backdash, fuzzy jump, etc.

Regarding blocking, I think it’s a good thing that you are content with blocking on wakeup. However, in a game like GG, only blocking isn’t enough, you need to mix in the occasional fuzzy jump, mash (Jam has a 3f 5P and 4f 2P, which is godlike for mashing), backdash, etc. Also, lets use a character like Leo as an example (we assume you just got knocked down by him and are preparing for his oki). Let’s say you are content to and capable of blocking all of his oncoming mix ups. That is fine and dandy, the problem is you will be blocking for days with a fully jacked guard bar, meaning that something hard to react to like a walk up throw can now mean death. In GG it is mandatory that you learn when to do something like IB>backdash or IB>fuzzy jump or FD>Mash 2P, etc


this isn’t true. you just can’t mash the backdash and have to aim for reversal timing.

a lot of active frames helps, but some backdashes have a ton of invul(Pot, pre rev2 sin) and will avoid even very active meaties.

also yrc frames including slowdown are on dustloop wiki.


Marvel and anime games = you wanna know how to block but the only big reward you get for blocking a long time is you’re going to get hit eventually. Block a few things and use a tool or meter to GTFO. Ideally have your movement down so you can avoid shit to begin with.


This is what I was trying to get at.
Block where you have to, but avoiding things is better.


Limited Edition for Europe.

I want that sexy shirt.



That’s new to me. Suppose I blame that on Venom? Because a lot of his oki catches wakeup backdash (except against Potemkin), but always thought that was due to me mis-timing things.
That said, there are meaty setups with him that will not allow Sol’s VV, Ky’s VT, or Leo’s flash kick to come out. Ryan Hunter’s been going over the details in the Venom discord, all secret tech like.


I mean lots of people have oki that catches backdash


Most characters can just put a projectile on you on Oki and you have to sit their and hold it unless you have a really good reversal and even then most likely have to hold it. Some characters have good enough backdashes to get out of some projectile Oki but that always comes with some risk and almost never works in the corner.

Jam is probably the only character in the game that has no projectile Oki for 25% meter or less. Even then 6K beats most backdashes (god I wish this had throw invulnerability). It’s the reason she has a hard time vs Slayer since she can’t lock him down on Oki at all.

Edit: guess sin needs 50% but 3K clashes with dp’s so not nearly as shit a situation as jam.


Slayer? Chipp as well, as Shuriken oki isn’t really a thing in Xrd.


He has gamma blade and gamma blade yrc, Slayer has persistence on his little hop thing. Gamma blade looks pretty nutty with its buffs in rev2 samitto is placing much better in the early rev2 tourneys and spams the shit out of it because it gains persistence much earlier then it used too.

Potemkin has his flames, etc.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think a lot of characters have to spend meter to really lock Slayer down. His bdc fuzzy jump is really tough to deal with (at least for May). I know I-No could handle it well provided she did yrc note