Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures


IAD Tatami is way more important than her parries. Her parries are shit and should be used sparingly.

Just to clarify, IAD tatami is going to be used after just about any good mid screen hit or throw in order to continue pressure. This is far more important than being consistent with her parries, which ultimately require a guess or hard read and risk you losing a huge chunk of life if you’re wrong.


The Kire Tatami is 23696, this one has the short range and i can do it more consistently on P1 than the IAD Tatami (i don’t really struggle on P2 with the IAD tatami version), however i often need the IAD Tatami instead to let me get close enough or to properly convert after certain hits.

I have joined the discord for Baiken a good while ago, picked up a lot of imprtant tidbits on there and was crucial in learning her combos atleast. I really do lack matchup experience basically against every character, though i feel her tatami aspect is more important than her parries, even when watching high level footage i can see which gets way more use. But i can’t even use her parries if a wanted to in part due to me lacking plenty of matchup and gameplay experience.

Jam probably is closer to how i want to play in GG anyway, although she has IAD DP which is similar to Baiken her IAD Tatami, i don’t need it to apply post knockown pressure or even to open people up, it’s jst an extra option for her. I don’t mind if a character is low tier as long as the character executes what i want to input consistently i’ll have fun and can make it work(hopefully). Baiken was just getting frustrating.

I have only dabbled with Millia at this point but i haven’t found anything that seems really difficult as far as motions inputs go. She seems hard with other things however such as her movement, strict and tricky timings for her postknockdown scenarios, good amount of awareness required with the pin. Her difficulty seems to lie more in her gameplan than anything else really. I can absolutely be wrong though.

I was actually somewhat interested in Jack-O, i’ll give her a look.

I’m sure he is but it was more about a single type of input i struggled with, and it was crucial to playing Baiken.
Leo isn’t a character i would want to play honestly, i’m picky with how my characters look lol.


What are you guys going to do once the forums on here close at the end of the month?


Probably try and be more active in the r/GuiltyGear discord because I’m very unlikely to go to Dustloop. I don’t know anybody there and I don’t feel like I can participate in any discussions since those forums are mostly for experienced players


ArcSys just announced cast-wide balance update for Rev2. Place your bets.


Fingers crossed they give Baiken her old counters back.


I’m ready for Zato buffs. =)


I want full patch notes this time.


He will be extra nerfed as it should be :coffee:


I’m ready for your tears when he gets his ass beat with he nerf bat.


The general feeling in Japan is that Zato is weak in this version. I’m not expecting any significant buffs for him (unless Ogawa successfully got into Pachi’s ear) but he’s likely not getting hit with the nerf bat either. More than likely, he will remain the same or else receive a few tweaks, maybe positive quality of life changes, or slight nerfs/some combination of the two. If this patch is more like the Rev1 EVO patch than the Rev2 comprehensive rebalance, they’ll probably dole out some nerfs for the top tiers i.e. Chipp/Raven/Johnny, some buffs for the bottom i.e. Answer and Baiken, some changes to Pot that as usual will have no measurable impact on his balance, and maybe one random character either inexplicably gets buffs or gets destroyed. Apart from that I expect most of the cast will remain more or less the same, though I wouldn’t mind more drastic changes to shake things up, as long as no characters are getting shafted too hard. The balance is in a fine place right now.


Shhhhhhhh I am trying to upset the dude. Goin around posting logic and reason, whats wrong with you?


Since Psaro ruined the fun.
I think that Zato will be baerely touched seeing how they have been very conservative with how they are handling him.
TBH, i don’t think that he is weak at all, like some people want to think, he is just not the strongest char anymore, which imo is fine.
He still can manage to fuck you over if you are not playing on point most of the time (and even when you are playing on point).


Buff Kum, Baiken and Answer. That’ll be a good start


And nerf Chipp. He should lose Teleport YRC and the stupid as fuck box on Jumping Dust.




Kum does not need buffs.


He will be buffed :coffee:
Also, Teleport YRC wouldn’t go anywhere neither his j.D.
You can quote me on that


People really asking to buff Kum? She’s strong af right now thanks to the last round of buffs. 2K2H changed her LIFE in this game and made her viable as all hell. What else do you want? A win button? Fuck outta here.

I bet dollars to donuts Sin will be nerfed once again, even after his precipitous drop from top tier. Yes, he’s still viable but much less so. He’s absent from many top 8s and I didn’t see him played much last time I was in Japan. Just two players used him. Machaboo even went back to Ky because of all the nerfs he had received. I can see ASW wanting to take away beak driver loops or nerf his + moves even further. I’m still salty at Elk Hunt being turned into 0/-2.

Raven will likely see nerfs but I doubt they’ll be as major as the last one. Any more and he’ll likely be thrown to mid-tier. Johnny is eh. He’s still REALLY good, but what can they do to him that won’t really bork him over the top? I guess they could give him less coins and make him rely on his super to stock up but I don’t see them doing that. Ky might get some adjustments and tone down his frame data but again I find that highly unlikely.


We’re complaining about jumping dust now? Really?