Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures


Twitter gives you a list of “posts people you followed like” kinda like what Facebook does.
TweetDeck gets rid of that post.

But yeah, if you follow some people for stuff, but they clickin like on some shady stuff, you see that stuff in your timeline. I used to follow LostSoul for instance, but his furry obsesssion got me getting looks at work.


I know exactly what you’re talking about. lol!


Has anyone seen the updated notes:


I’m excited for new paths with Benom.
I’m not excited for fighting this Johnny.
I’m not excited for fighting this Millia.
I’m not excited for fighting this Faust.
I’m not excited for fighting this Ino.
Chipp can get these hands now because fuck the president.
Answer got deleted from the game, it seems.
Ramlethal, once again I don’t understand her patch notes because she has too many fucking moves.
Sols’ going to annoy me, but he’ll still get slapped.
Ky still can’t deal with my 2D.


I’m underwhelmed.

I’ll still give the game a try, but it looks like this upcoming version won’t be for me.



Crouching K
• Damage has been increased.
• Knockback has been decreased

what da fuck does it mean when it says knockback has been decreased?


When it hits, they don’t get knocked back as far as previous. Like, when you block, called “pushback” - When it hits, called “knockback”


The language could be clearer. I had to decipher the hell out of it.

Sin has new possible combos so that’s good, but they made ground beak driver even more vulnerable by taking away active frames.

They don’t explain that by doing that, they essentially made the recovery longer. They even added the “total frames hasn’t changed” shit but it’s like, “Hey, please don’t try to sugarcoat it. It’s just got longer recovery/startup.”

I hate hate HATE convoluted patch notes.


Raven’s changes stuck. On paper, he looks a lot less fun to play. They borked his oki in Rev 2 and now it looks like they took it further in 2.5.

The whole parry thing after super was a great trick to keep his excitement meter up. Surprised it lasted as long as it did but I never saw many players utilizing it. I guess getting scratches pretty much made it unnecessary.

Scratches in general getting nerfed is unfortunate. I get doing one or the other, but both his oki and his scratches got bumped? Shame.

I’ll be curious to see what happens in these coming days. I also wonder if this might split up the playerbase again with some playing the latest patch and others sticking to Rev 2.


Kazunoko is already putting up some Raven combos.

The arc on his ball now. Yikes.



Just learned there’s a mistranslation for one of Sin’s changes. Turns out the timing to charge his fully charged beak driver wasn’t changed, but the amount of time you could hold it. I’m hearing it’s halved now.


Looks like Chipp can still keep you in the corner but it’s a lot harder now.


I guess I’m the only one paying attention to these changes?



I’ve been seeing this disgusting Ino shit

And I watched this stream from this morning:


So 2K can combo into itself now?


Supposedly the 2K change makes it easier for Slayer to confirm 2K 2D for knockdown from further out.

Most characters are buffed, so this patch is going to be pretty interesting. Most things make sense apart from Johnny getting buffed and Answer moving more or less sideways despite being considered relatively weak. So far I-No is a pretty clear winner in this patch. Chipp is a clear loser, maybe Haehyun too if loss of j.H knockdown really fucks her over hard. Raven is almost certainly weaker but I think he’ll come out alright since he more or less got reworked rather than straight nerfed. The blender is mostly gone, but with the new scratch properties after glide, he got some powerful new routes for damage and stacking excitement, plus oki. Rather than being reduced to a win-more mechanic, excitement is actually an important part of his game, which is how it should have been from the start.

Answer is a mystery. They made his 6K scroll juggles more reliable across the cast, which is a nice change. However, it’s somewhat of a moot point when they simultaneously removed his best meterless routes into 6K scroll. IAD loop is gone, and so is 5H-cling-sD, which is another huge consequence of the 5H attack level nerf. It’s clear they want his best confirms to come from the new card uppercut, but given that requires a card to be out already, I just don’t see how that can be consistent without meter, even with the new tracking property.

I don’t know what they were thinking with Johnny. Most sane people see the character as top tier already, and he was almost indisputably buffed. The Zweihander hitbox change had a chance to be a nerf, but from what I could gather watching Johnny on Jonio’s stream last night, Zweikasu is still free as fuck, and now the character has viable unblockable setups back to boot. With Raven and Chipp being nerfed, at this point in time, I don’t see any scenario where he will not end up being the best character in the game.

On paper, Zato is looking pretty good in this patch. The changes don’t revamp the character by any stretch of the imagination, but collectively, they help protect him from losing to tech buttons, confirm off some hits more consistently and effectively, and with the new Drunkard changes, possibly even get more situational conversions into knockdown and new routes in the corner. He should, for example, now be able to use Drunkard for a true knockdown punish on Bursts, and possibly more in the corner since new Drunkard apparently wall splats on a sufficiently high air hit in the corner. So, he’s the same character, but now with some important holes and inconsistencies filled.


I’m pretty sure they put it in the arcade first so they can get some more tweaks to see if their fixing still stands.


The loketests are already over. This is the patch we’re getting at home.


I was disappointed not much Sin was being played, but I could see why.

I need to see his changes in action. The one I’m most curious about is his Elk Hunt change. It would be awesome if the change made it as valuable AA as 6P, though I doubt it’ll be that good. But an option is an option.

Saw plenty of Raven. IAD to scratch seems a great avenue for damage and excitement, but the ball’s trajectory changing REALLY hurt him. Pin-down is practically non-existent to a lot of the cast who have low-profile attacks (Ky, Sin, Sol, Jack-O, Faust, etc.) so his oki is going to need to be rethought. You could throw the ball from the air which throws it straight down but your landing recovery gets in the way of truly solid oki and pressure if the opponent has a fast button.

Those scratches into slam tho LAWD.

Ino is looking good. Johnny honestly looks no different except that his air slice has a much larger hitbox than it used to. I know his Bacchus Breath changed but I haven’t seen it in action yet.


Like Psaro said - it’s so the 2D connects more easily.