Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

Welp, can’t connect to people for some reason. Try to join, get stuck at “Waiting for player” then connection lost. No idea what the issue is.

Doing this KY combo: 5K>c.5S>6K>236D>236K

Why does the 2nd part of the 236K move randomly not connect?

You are hitting the 6k link late.

And people complain about SFIV links smh

I think people complain about links in general. Cause they are bullshit.

Can’t get into any online games. Games just don’t show up for me for some reason.

x8 SSAA makes this game look like sex

The game is still hard but it’s like an easier version of that loveable hellhole I played years back lol.

Well, keep in mind that you are also trying to link an special into another special in that combo, plus the 2nd part of 236k only connects on counter hit, after a knockdown or if you are far enough when the 1st part connects, otherwise they can block it.

The 6K is a 2F link btw iirc.

This is the part I’m having trouble with, I think it’s the distance because I tried many different timing and it seemed completely arbitrary whether it hit or not.

That combo is listed as a bnb in one of dustloop’s threads. I suppose bnbs in this game aren’t comparable to street fighter’s.

OUTSOLD FALLOUT 4, Under night in birth and revelator secured

This seems… Unlikely.

So…who wants to gift me this on steam? :lol:

Not total sales, you fool.

Game is fun, but also confusing as fuck.

I’ll keep it in my library for the next 12 days and if it doesn’t get patched I’m gonna refund.

Tataki and Specs did a bunch of amazing tutorials on this genre of fighters. They are quick and to the point. Give them a peep before you throw in the towel. They aren’t either as confusing or complicated as people make them out to be.

What is exactly the thing that is giving you problems?

There’s a 3f buffer so even a 2f link is 5f

Yeah, it’s actually not that complex. The only thing that might trip up SNK or Capcom players is that specials aren’t nessisarily semetrical across all buttons, and some don’t even have strength variations. You just have to remember where they are. This ain’t Marvel vs Capcom with obvious simple combos that go up the strength tree.

Here’s a link to a series of YouTube tout oriels I found very handy.