Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

Dunno just went through the 50 tutorial stages and at the end I was like:
“Ok I can airdash” when I reflected upon what I just learned.
There’s like tons of system mechanics in order to extend combos, kind of parry stuff, dust stuff, push people away jump/dash cancel things etc. and all the other things I forgot already.

Bursts, blitz shield, insta block, faultless defense, dead angle attack… =)

Yeah, it’s fucking crazy. I’m used to have a couple of system mechanics but it mostly boils down to hitting buttons and moving forwards and backwards, in GG it seems the whole vertical space plays a much bigger role and you seem to have millions of options both on the ground and in the air.

I’ve only played other GG games casually but you’ll get used to Xrd if you stick with it and put in lab work when you’re not playing online/vs, took me probably 1-2 month to get used to all the mechanics.

At the beginning it can be seem as dauting to “learn” all this mechanics but it is way simpliear than it seems, but they usually come naturally once you get the hang of them.
Many times is better to first learn the character that you are interested alongside his movement options, you should approach them more as how to they can benefit your playstyle/character playstyle instead as something that is a must that you need to do or learn.

What is your experience with FG’s, what other games do you play.

Did some reading on the Steam forums, try this.

I played SF2, SF2 Turbo, Alpha 3, Marvel Superheroes, X-Men: Children of the Atom, Tekken 1-3, DoA 2 and Soul Calibur 1 casually due to non existent arcade and offline scenes in my country back then.
I only started getting into the competitive part of fighting games 3 years ago with SF4 and started playing to improve regularly half a year ago.
I play some Tekken Tag 2 and 3S on the sides when I’m bored mainly grinding training mode in these games.

Btw. the mechanics have nothing to do with me wanting to refund the game. It’s that I can’t find matches online and how button mapping works which pisses me off big time.
I like how the game looks and feels and feel the strictness in terms of special inputs is just right from what I’ve seen in the tutorial.

Lmao mine is set to some African region because it made the download of some game faster when I bought it when it came out rofl.

Edit: Thanks a lot, bro. Seems like East African Guilty Gear online scene is dead :smiley:

Unless they changed it for the PC version, i wouldn’t know how anyone will hate the button maping on GG (or any ASW game for the matters.)

Rofl I made the mistake of getting in a match. Still recovering from all the anime shit that happened to me.

Yeah all the Guilty Gear nerds are having a field day today. I got wreckedso hard by a Potemkin I still don’t know what actually happened. Today dreams are shattered and refunds are born.
That challenge mode is fun as fuck though.
I’ll go through the story with my gf over the weekend. The Japanese voice acting is super entertaining.

Thinking about getting the game. I played a lot of GGX2 back in the day, and I played the Xrd demo and enjoyed it. I’m just concerned about netplay.

Art the most bitchass dude in the thread. “How come im not good from the beginning?” There are hella tutorials on this that are linked on this page. Man up.

Pfft, street fighter 4 everybody.

Play people relatively close to you, use ethernet cables, have good ping and it’s perfectly fine.

I remember someone saying that if you’re new, the three most important mechanics to implement into your game are burst, faultless defense and roman cancels, with everything else being useful but somewhat more situational. I personally felt that was a nice place to start in terms of mechanics, anyway, because it didn’t feel overwhelming.

Where did I complain you fuckface cunt?
I merely stated that it feels overwhelming, now go eat a dick, weaboo.

I also like the win quotes of Sol Badguy in arcade mode. The guy says shit that makes no sense as if I would say: “Well I like french fries with pickles, but anal sex really isn’t my thing.”

I’ll just play challenge modes and arcade mode stuff until I’m comfortable with the controls, then go through the video series someone posted earlier which starts out with super basic stuff.
I like it when tutorials for fighting games don’t go super in depth and just break the game down to its most basic components.

How does stagger moves work, frame data wise? How much frame advatage are those moves guaranteed on hit compared to block? Mainly thinking about Ky 236D here, since that move is listed* as -1, and the move can still be linked into 236K, 2D and several other useful moves on hit.

*the frame data on dustloop shows only one number, so I assume moves that aren’t stagger or knockdowns have the same amount of hit- and blockstun since they aren’t listed separately?

games dead.

The dustloop forums seem kinda slow. If you guys don’t mind and could help answer these I’d appreciate it, sorry for the influx of scrubs hijacking your thread:

  1. What the downside of the insta kill moves? The tutorial didn’t make this clear. Aren’t there combos into these?
  2. Can I convert off his 5.S or 2.S? I was catching a lot of people running with those and buffered into fireball which didn’t even combo from the farther ranges.
  3. On mission number 20 I believe you have to launch the dummy with Sol, hit him once and punish the burst with a throw. Is there a specific launcher I should be using? Because I can’t do it with neither 2.HS nor 5.D.

Made a lobby and got a lot of matches with scrubs like me and had a lot of fun even though I had no idea what I was doing. I won mostly with 5S, doing 6HS on wakeup and his overhead that nobody can block lol. Even landed a full combo once, good times.

Who’s the best KY player I could look up to get a general idea how this game is played?