Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures



GG having a PC release would be awesome. Damn this game looks sexy as hell


Hod do you pronounce “Xrd”?


X Ard


3d just needs to be smoothed out a liiiitle bit. Its clearly early stages of development. Wanna see where this goes. Hopefully it doesn’t kill bbcp before America even gets a chance to compete.


The fuck is this shit?


While I would have liked to have seen hand drawn 2d graphics…I’m glad they aren’t just recycling decade old resources.
Now I will wait tentatively for some bizzare downer like…the game will be in 4:3 or it will be a psvita exclusive or something.
Edit: They still fucking suck at naming their games…ex-urd. You could have at least pronounced it third. Can’t wait for Guilty Gear Xth Gamma flat clip staccato melody minus:Festival of Dissonance.




I would do immoral things to have this release on PC


Don’t forget possible comeback mechanics.


I’m cautiously optimistic.

Unreal Engine + Fighting Game
Saw some camera shift on what looked like a 5D style move

Right now, I’m having unhappy flashbacks of SF4/SFxT

The only good thing I saw was Daisuke as Director to be completely honest.


GG already has comeback mechanics, the Detroyed Moves, the gut system and the burst

I know what you mean, the tought of the UE3 makes me feel uneasy, but on the other hand i have faith on ASW

Hopefully the speed is only an issue on this stage of development, though i am still affraid that they will dumb down some stuff on the game, based on what ElvenShadow posted some time ago on DL, like there was a possibility that they will remove the FRC’s on a new installment :confused:


Im guessing the new ponytail is to cater to the bishounen fans out there? Lol. I have only played gg a few times here and there, so im interested to see the direction this game goes.


I hope they just keep the game’s speed up!

As much as I love Blaz, I can’t play it anymore because it’s so damn slow!

I have to go back to Accent Core just for some speed boostz.


Real talk: I’m fucking hype for this.


I could see them keeping FRC’s in but making them easier. Making the game 3d like this sort of gives them the excuse to widely change up some things anyway.


Awesome graphics.


I like the graphics. If it wasn’t for the camera rotation, I wouldn’t have guessed it was 3D.


Those are 3D models? Looks amazing. Hope it doesn’t feel sluggish like Unreal engine games tend to. I don’t play GG at all but this looks interesting.


Its great to see Guilty Gear is back! I literally cannot WAIT.