Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- petition to bring it to the WiiU! ***OFFICIAL***


The cost risk is the EXACT reason they are doing the petition. If it was a fan petition that would be a different story, but ASW want to know how much interest there is in a Wii U port. What better way to do that than a list of people who would buy the game? If the petition is successful and the Wii U sales are bad, I’d imagine at that point they wouldn’t entertain the idea of a petition anymore.



I expected more from you.


They entertain the idea of a petition to see if the risk is worthy, duh…


First lolonlinepetition.

Second, I wouldn’t mind a WiiU port, but if it was only developed on the WiiU it would be a problem, since when that happened with TvC, that was where the one good fighter Capcom made this gen which wasn’t a re-release went to die.


I failed you sensei


Some times I agree with d3v, a lot of the times I don’t, but the bottom line is he is right…I never played TvC, but it looked damn awesome and I wish I had, and if it wasn’t a WII only title, I probably would have (d3v +1).

I don’t want GG to suffer the same fate.

I agree it should be on all titles, but you may as well release it one the most popular first.

Since it is already on PS4, I would assume it should come out on PC\XBONE (or vise versa) then followed by WII U release, and possible N64 (lawl).

Second bottom line, is ports cost money. Have to make it worth their while.

But I totally support it being on all systems, but the reality is it will most likely come out on whatever net gains the most cash first.


I’ll vote, and if it does come ou on Wii U, I’ll probably get it (I’ve got almost every Wii U game to date so far) as i’m a HUGE Wii U fan. But I’ve found with some other games on the Wii U, while the game may run awesomely etc - there isn’t enough people playing them online - Whenever I’ve tried finding battles on Injustice it usually just times out!

I’d be concerned that there wouldn’t be enough people playing online on Wii U to make it worth it =/

Unless its released after the boom in Wii U sales from Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros U…


nintendo, lol.


How did an 8-month-old thread make the “Best of” list? And why did you people necro it?


It was in the best of, and I wasn’t paying attention. I was shit faced last night. Haha. Sorry. I could have sworn that post said 8 days ago =)

I guess my wife has it good though. She doesn’t need to worry about me going out, getting plastered, and cheating on her, just having slightly poor forum etiquette. lol…


Lol. Dont nobody give a fuck about a Wii U


you are aware that this is coming out for the ps3 as well


Posted July 3, 2013, 10:43PM


Thank to playing Phantom breaker and dealing with slipshift which is pretty much compare to XRD YRC. Adapting to this will come easily.


This reminds me of all of the people who begged CAVE non-stop to port all of their games from 360 to PS3 when it just wasn’t going to happen.

I find this petition to be ridiculous. Why do you care more about what console the game is on than the game itself?
Do you want to play Guilty Gear Xrd? Buy a PS3/PS4. It’s as simple as that.


I believe this belongs in the actual Xrd thread.


i got a ps4 and this sounds insensitive and ignorant


Yea except CAVE showed 0 interest in porting their games the PS3, while ArcSys has said they would like to port Xrd to Wii-U so it’s really not the same at all.


Lots of companies “would like” to do things thats the nice way of saying “thats not very likely”

There is no market for that. Anyone who is serious about FGs wouldnt even bother to beg for a port to the most inferior console on the market.

Ask mom n dad to get you a used PS3/Xbox


Face palm himself
so that where that post went.

On topic.

While one part I want GG XRD to be more widly avilable. I fear the audience on wii u will ignore the game,. Also with new smash bros roughly around the corner, XRD will be overshadow imo.