Guilty Gear XX 9-28 tourny results


I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the newfound GGXX community. There were 16 entries and coming soon will be online footage.

  1. Peter “COMBOFIEND” Rosas (Anji, Testament, Baiken)
  2. Mikey “Crackpr0n” (May, Ky, Faust)
  3. Saif “ID” Ebrahim (Sol, Chipp, Zappa)
  4. Juhg (Sol)
  5. (Tie) Yu (Millia, Eddie)
  6. (Tie) Jose (Johnny, Potemkin)
  7. (Tie) Romel “Chaotic Blue” Shaheed (May, Dizzy, Johnny)
  8. (Tie) Richard “Shogo” Andrade (Potemkin)
  9. (Tie) Erick “E-Roc” (Johnny)
  10. (Tie) Alex Busik (May)
  11. (Tie) Roland “Hikari Kawaii” Ok (Dizzy)
  12. (Tie) Earl “Render” Gertwagen (Johnny)
  13. (Tie) Lowell Hahn (Axel)
  14. (Tie) Borry Kim (Dizzy, Sol)
  15. (Tie) James (Random)
  16. (Tie) Erin “Rage” Foster (Zappa)

Well, I guess i didn’t do too good this tournament. I guess that just means I need practice, so I will. I hope everyone here learned alot and will come to the next tourny stronger and better!

Sooo, Whatcha think, bi-weekly or monthly, you decide.

Chaotic Blue


And a bi weekly XX tourney would be dope =D


It’s Aaron, not Erin…anyways, I had a great time, even though I got supremely rocked. I need to play with you guys so I can practice with the not sucking.

I’m all for a bi-weekly tourney.


Sup guyz, Jose here. Bi weekly would be pretty kick ass. I had fun playing in that tourney. I know my potemkin was weak but he’ll be better nx time! hehe…Peace!


Man, you’re my hero, dude.
That johnny combo was too good.


hahaha thanx man…that was the first tourney ive ever joined in my life…and it was FUN!!! =) hope to cya all in the upcomin ones too. PEace!


damn you jose =D you just had to bring out your johnny when i fought you, i knew you would bring that slick bastard out =D
btw when will videos be available?


hahaha Roland! dude I saved Johnny JUST FOR YOU! otherwise u woulda put me in the losers bracket too early…u an u Dizzy :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh I so wanted to go but I was basically broke…well as long as there is another tournament I’ll be happy…I heard the results of the tourney earlier and I’m surprised by the results…bi-weekly or monthly is good I guess…I have no preference…just you all wait to see my Baiken and Sol combination :slight_smile: Heh…maybe I should work on my Axl and Zappa for good measure.


Btw…does anyone meet up at golfland tommorow ( tuesday ), or UCLA sometime after wed?





Im learning Fast with my Venom, so soon i will enter and i hope i do well. =D And monthly sounds better.


I was stupid enough not to check out the tourney results section until right now… oh well :slight_smile:

I was happy to see that many people come to the tourney. Hope there’ll be more next time! And I hope to see other chars, too.

As for the next one, I vote for either 3-week or month. 2 weeks is too little time to practice, IMO (especially for those who gotta work, like me).

If anyone wanna practice, I’m at SHGL on Tuesday and Friday nights, and sometimes Sunday nights as well. Shoot me a msg if you wanna meet up.