Guilty Gear XX: AC (Wii) using your stick

My friend basically gave his copy of AC for free lol cos he wasnt going to play it at all. I tried playing it yesterday with my friend but how the fuck do you play this game with an arcade stick? Can you play this game with an arcade stick? My friend lost his manual for this game.

Im using a Magic Path II convertor and custom stick (with a PS1 pcb).

There are only two options in the controller config: Classic Controller or Gamecube controller and both dont do shit when I try my custom stick but work fine if I plug in a Classic Controller or Gamecube pad lol.

I’m playing this with the Wii Hori, too good.

Few options for the Wii but the Wii Hori stick is a excellent one.

Hack a classic controller and put in your stick.

The Wii Hori was only $25 new.

I plan on modding it soon but for now its great.

Hacking a CC isn’t the easiest pad in the work, but it’s not too bad. If you’re thinking of tweaking the stick, you might want to look into an MC Cthulhu so you get the cool Gamecube support, Playstation, and PS3/PC USB (and Xbox1 if desired). I think it’s pretty sweat but I could be biased.

Atb_555, the problem is your converter. However the converter is interpreting your d-pad and buttons is different from how the game is expecting things. Definitely use Gamecube controller setting on the game; your converter pretends to be a GC controller, not a CC. Maybe try to figure out if the game wants the stick input to be from the left analog stick and not the d-pad, or visa versa. What I’d suggest if I were you is scour the converter thread for info on a converter that is known to work with GG:AC on Wii, and get that. It’s about your only option if you can’t get your converter to work and don’t want to replace your stick innards.

Thanks Toodles I’ll have a look around and see. Its strange that my convertor doesnt work with AC but is completely fine with TvC.

Maybe someone here can hep me with this. I have GGAC on the Wii as well but are there any noticeable differences between the Wii and PS2 versions?

Its supposed to be GGAC+, ie: removes all the glitches and shit plus is much more faithful to the arcade port. The Wii version (when I loaded it up) looked a bit jaggy / rough around the edges.


theres shouldnt be any difference except for that the wii version has ez roman cancel.

theres gonna be an ^C version out for both consoles later in the year (localized that is)