Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PLUS R: New update for GGXX! coming to Arcade, PSN, XBLA and now Vita!


Don’t ask, seems that is for NESICA system. Justice tourney playable?

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

justice and cliff will probably be playable i cant think of any other reason they would make an arcade port of plus, i don’t think there were any major bugs in the original AC

if this is true i’m interested, but they need to release a console version with netplay


Why would it be on Sega’s page if they’re going to use Nesica?



Revival of Guilty about to begin?


Yeah, maybe is for RIngwide?


One can hope.


ex legal?


Ahaha! oh wow…
If Arcsys will test and balance EX chars it will be hilarious. But I don’t think it will ever happen.
Rekka slayer all day, every day!


What is this I don’t even

Edit: Does this mean they are gonna fix Kliff?





Lost all hype.


Can I ask something? Why do so many hate NESICA? I hear nothing but bad things about the service.


I’m sorry. We all don’t live in Japan like you do.


Screenshots so far.


This one is pretty funny.


I asked a simple question. Nothing offensive. But since you wanna get cute.
I don’t live in Japan but I’d rather live there than live like you on your mom’s couch with your hip in style cool pony avatar thinking it gives you street cred here on SRK. I’m sure the ladies love you.


Might wanna do some research on what NESICA is… and on my life if you really believe I still live with my mom (if you’re interested, sounds like you are).

Here, let me help you out. Obviously you’re new to the internet, but here is a great site on researching info:


I still don’t see what’s wrong with NESiCA x Live either (outside of being Japan only), since it seems to be a good way for arcade operators to save on costs.


I REEEEEAAAALLY really really really hope so! If they bring out a new GG or port AC with netcode, then there’s gonna be a new console in my future.


I guess if Kliff and Justice are playable that might be interesting. I thought the only major difference between plus and normal was eddie unblockables became 1 frame high-low transitions rather than true unblockables.