Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PLUS R: New update for GGXX! coming to Arcade, PSN, XBLA and now Vita!


holy shit that was faster than i thought


Is the netcode as bad as the console version?



We don’t know yet.


Depending on the price it may just be worth it for the expansive Guilty gear story mode and offline play. It is the final version of Guilty Gear xx. Hopefully the online is at least functionable, was the console version unplayable? I really want Xrd though…the optimist in me is thinking that this is to wet the appetite for the inevitable Steam Xrd release.


It was unplayable, mostly because they’re using delay-based netcode for a game that requires you to hit 2-frame FRC windows on the reg.


Is the community active enough to justify purchasing the Steam port?


Community as in online?

also, new bugfix/improvement patch,


Yeah. Is there an online scene on Steam?


you can find players, especially on weekends. but netcode is not meant for advanced play.
for this you’d better play the patched online version of Reload


Heard ggxnet is working on a netplay patch for Accent core plus R


They added the option to remove v-sync (default on) which removed the ~4 frame input lag the game was suffering from before (go to video options). Playing online is pretty smooth visual wise, and not much input lag from what I can tell. It’s actually playable and enjoyable, just not ideal.


Anyone here still plays GGXXACPR as of today? Xrd is garbage.


Yeah, I play it. I still like Guilty Gear XX: Slash better. I do not like Xrd, but it is hardly garbage.


Bridget rumored to be the final dlc character


Can’t wait to buy Bridget for Accent Core!


I just bought this again on steam because a Samsho5 buddy decided to get into GG and I’m training him a bit. IMO +R is a candidate for GOAT fighting game. If anyone wants games on PS3 or steam sometime, I’m down


Oh wait I didnt even realize there was a AC thread and here ive been posting random stuff for this game in the XRD thread… heres some videos over the past few years that ive made showing off some stuff most not commonly known, and some not know at all probably… And as usual I would read the description for each video as some involve bugs thats are happening so might be confusing…


Advanced stuff here as usual so read the info, also shows off a unblockable as well


Fuck this game.