Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PLUS R: New update for GGXX! coming to Arcade, PSN, XBLA and now Vita!


Arcades are already notorious for being unsanitary places at the best of times, but if you’re slobbering on the cabinets then you’re GROSS, man.


Resolution of monitors =/= native output resolution of the platform.

I would be very surprised if the native output was anything other than 720p since that’s what pretty much every HD game released in the last 5 years on arcade/console has outputted at for native res.


But it’s not.

Arcade games have a different resolution type than that of console game.
I may be missing some details here and there, but anyone who works at an Arcade can tell you that no game runs at 720p, but has a different native resolution (like 744, 760, I forget).
Not to mention, games don’t run at 60 mhz like most LCD monitors do. Arcade monitors actually run at 57 mhz.

The most obvious effect on this is the game’s speed when making the transition to console (yes, it this actually does effect the way the game would play).
The objective is, when converting from console to arcade, they want to make sure the game’s display is at the right output to basically play on anyone’s TV. While for Arcade, they have specific monitors that will only show a display on those types of monitors because of the hardware is being process on.

This goes for CRTs as well.

Bottom line: No, the game will not lag on.
Daemon Bride 1.5 has no reports of lag, I’m sure this game will have a good HD conversation as well.
Worse case scenario, you can plug the NESiCA system into a CRT monitor, and still play the games are the proper resolutions.


I don’t know where you’re getting your info from, but it sounds wrong.

The Taito Type X2 is able to run on several makes of monitors, as listed in the specs here:

If arcade monitors ran at 57 Hz then they would cap out at displaying 57 FPS, meaning the game would have to run at a max of 57 FPS in order to avoid screen tearing (overlapping frames) and just being jarring to the player in general. Games like SF4, AE, KoFXIII and Blazblue all run at exactly 60 fps on arcade, console, and PC… and all have 4F input delay.

You sound awfully confident. Yet the major 720p native fighters released in arcades (listed above) all have 4 frames of native input delay.

This isn’t how input delay works. The image is natively output at 720p first, then rescaled to match your monitor. If your monitor is exactly 720p native (very few are, which might be what you’re referring to elsewhere) then congrats, you have no extra delay beyond the 4 frames of native 720p delay. If you’re running a 1080p monitor, or CRT, or whatever, then there’s additional delay for scaling of the image to match that res. The reason CRTs lag less than LCDs though, even for 720p native games, is because CRTs lack the LCD screen delay, which is generally quite a bit higher than the scaling delay.


Sorry, didn’t bother reading your post, but I was wrong with my original post.

Found out on the HD LCD Games, most (all Tatio x2 games anyways) run at the native resolution of 768p and 59.9 mhz.

Dead give away of this is the HUD settings and how console and arcade HUDS are design (among other things). Game designers will sometomes have options to adjust it to be MORE like the arcade, but it just can’t be the same unless the HUD was redesign for console.

Increasing the mhz to 60 allows this to work on almost every TV connected to console. But this also effects the game speed (hence why console ports of fighters will always be slightly faster than arcade).
Almost all arcade games run at 59.9 mhz (I say almost cause all the monitor I adjust at the arcade always pre-set to 59.9 when installing games. I haven’t ran into a game that runs 60 on arcade, but I’m sure there’s one out there… maybe).

Yeah, I was off, sorry about that.
But that’s how it works. I normally work on arcade monitors and I can’t believe I forget the resolution settings. Been doing it for sometime, I guess it just muscle memory, heh.



why do those games have 4F of input delay?


59.94 MHz to be precise, which is what I mean when I say 60. It’s standard for LCDs. Guess I shouldn’t have said “exactly 60” above.

Also the reason that those setups use 768p is because 720p native monitors are incredibly rare and hard to find as they haven’t been in production for years. I do have one, but it’s from 2006 which is actually the most recent model I was able to find (Gateway FPD1775W). 1366x768 monitors are in abundance though, so those are used. The games are all still output at 720p (or 1280x720) though - the monitors just scale them up to fit their 768p / 900p / etc resolution.

This part remains a mystery to me too. I only know that all 720p games have this, but I don’t exactly know why. My best guess is that it has to do with some kind of hardware limitation in outputting a 1280x720 image.


I really hope the addition of the sidebars also means they’ve considered re-releasing the game on XBLA and PSN.

Even if that wasn’t the case, this is very, VERY good news and I’ll be following this thread for news and info.


Aren’t NESICA games exceedingly unlikely to be ported to console? '98UM Final Edition and KoF 2k2UM final or whatever didn’t get any port at all. :sad: - say it aint so

LOL 59.94hz is NTSC standard I thought? Why does it matter that much? This reminds me a bit much of the people drinking the 120/240hz kool aid. You can make your monitor run at 59.94hz in Windows once this madness magically appears on a sketchy tracker anyway.


BBCS2 and E


But didn’t even old arcades games from the 90’s also have 4F lag? IIRC at least that some CPS2 games did.


In the past it depended on the input buffer coded for the game engine. GGXX series has been tested to have only a 1F input buffer though. And you can really feel the responsiveness compared to other 4F delay games. 3SOE has run into the same issues of extra lag when it got 720p ported to console and natively output in D4, and the players noticed it immediately.


No, you must Believe :slight_smile:


I don’t see what’s there to be excited about unless you’re a fan/player of Kliff and Justice. I’m still with the group who longs for a PSN release.


New Arcade platform by Sega: All-Net.

Is… NESiCA, but by Sega. Will use the same “select your game” system. GGXXACP and Under Night In-Birth confirmed on this platform.


Sorry for double post but…


No release date for now.


Official response




Confirmed for XBLA and PSN?! This is just…too good… T__T


Oh man, unblockable command overheads here we come. DELAY 4 GG GET HYPE…?