Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PLUS R: New update for GGXX! coming to Arcade, PSN, XBLA and now Vita!


59.94 MHz to be precise, which is what I mean when I say 60. It’s standard for LCDs. Guess I shouldn’t have said “exactly 60” above.

Also the reason that those setups use 768p is because 720p native monitors are incredibly rare and hard to find as they haven’t been in production for years. I do have one, but it’s from 2006 which is actually the most recent model I was able to find (Gateway FPD1775W). 1366x768 monitors are in abundance though, so those are used. The games are all still output at 720p (or 1280x720) though - the monitors just scale them up to fit their 768p / 900p / etc resolution.

This part remains a mystery to me too. I only know that all 720p games have this, but I don’t exactly know why. My best guess is that it has to do with some kind of hardware limitation in outputting a 1280x720 image.


I really hope the addition of the sidebars also means they’ve considered re-releasing the game on XBLA and PSN.

Even if that wasn’t the case, this is very, VERY good news and I’ll be following this thread for news and info.


Aren’t NESICA games exceedingly unlikely to be ported to console? '98UM Final Edition and KoF 2k2UM final or whatever didn’t get any port at all. :sad: - say it aint so

LOL 59.94hz is NTSC standard I thought? Why does it matter that much? This reminds me a bit much of the people drinking the 120/240hz kool aid. You can make your monitor run at 59.94hz in Windows once this madness magically appears on a sketchy tracker anyway.


BBCS2 and E


But didn’t even old arcades games from the 90’s also have 4F lag? IIRC at least that some CPS2 games did.


In the past it depended on the input buffer coded for the game engine. GGXX series has been tested to have only a 1F input buffer though. And you can really feel the responsiveness compared to other 4F delay games. 3SOE has run into the same issues of extra lag when it got 720p ported to console and natively output in D4, and the players noticed it immediately.


No, you must Believe :slight_smile:


I don’t see what’s there to be excited about unless you’re a fan/player of Kliff and Justice. I’m still with the group who longs for a PSN release.


New Arcade platform by Sega: All-Net.

Is… NESiCA, but by Sega. Will use the same “select your game” system. GGXXACP and Under Night In-Birth confirmed on this platform.


Sorry for double post but…


No release date for now.


Official response




Confirmed for XBLA and PSN?! This is just…too good… T__T


Oh man, unblockable command overheads here we come. DELAY 4 GG GET HYPE…?


It also confirms online play, by the way, for anyone who wants reassurance.

Assuming they use the same netcode as BB, it should be pretty good.



The big question is…will this be limited to Japan arcades only?




Guilty Gear is making a comeback, bout time. I played #Reload for a long time on PC, never got to play Slash, got little play with Accent Core, so this will be nice to have the latest iteration with netplay.



Rest in peace, BlazBlue…