Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus , support 480p mode?

hi scene , does it support 480p mode on PS2 ? …

any info helps


Yes, it does support 480p.

sweet info Rikidozan , thanx for replying


Hold down triangle and X while the game is loading up.

neat strat

thanx for the extra info Kryian , i will let ‘d’ know from KillerCabs he requested the knowledge

hey have u guys tested accent core on the ps3 on a 1080p tv because i did and i seem 2 get some input lag even when running the game in progressive scan…

ps3 bc = pos unfortunately =(

i am not sure if i should create another thread just for this question but can that Hokuto No Ken fighting game by SEGA go 480p???


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No. I actually randomly played that game tonight and tried it. No dice.:sad:

that bites. oh well, thanks for the reply