Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus US

In case someone hasn’t heard yet, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is coming to the US this Spring. Check out the links below


Let me know what you guys think…

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no netplay :frowning:


I was JUST reading about this game, and searching SRK for news about it, and was even thinking about making a thread.

I haven’t seen anything saying netplay won’t be on the game yet, so my question is, will this game have netplay for wii?

AksysGames, assuming you are involved in some way with the company, can you tell us anything about the game that these websites haven’t?

As a competitive GG player, I think what we really need is a console port of Blazblue :sad:

ninja edit: Care to explain in more detail about the features of the new survival mode and mostly the “team vs” mode?


now I got to trade the org game for the newer one…

As a competitive GG player you would realize that GG is the superior game. That’s IF you are a competitive GG player. Besides, the game is OBVIOUSLY going to come out and with some tweaks nonetheless.

There’s no need in 2009 to release a fighting game without online. They should be putting the latest GGXX on PS3 and 360 for it has longevity and online. It’s a sad state of affairs when the only game in the series to have online is Reload for Xbox 1 from 5 years ago.

Some people are never happy.


I’ll still probably cop this on PS2.

I’d still love to see it on Live Arcade or PSN with some kind of online like everyone else

but it’s pretty cool you guys are bringing this over at all


Great news, day one for me when it comes out.

PSP should be new tourney standard, imo.

PS3 or it didn’t happen.

Err. I already have the PSP version… Damn.

But this is also getting a port for the Wii? lol

Boo @ no netplay and no 360 version.

Are Kliff and Justice balanced out or just EX-like extras?

Now I don’t have to say it.

Who would want terrible PS2 online? And why would Aksys want to run the servers for it?

My question is thus: Will the GG community move over to Plus, or will they stick with vanilla AC? I dunno which is played in Japan, but that’s not really a big deal.

Last i hear Kliff and Justice were in the arcade version of Plus, so I’d assume they’re balanced for competitive play.

why not for pc with netplay

There’s no need to move over. Competitively, AC and AC+ are the same. Just make sure you don’t get suckered in to thinking Kliff or Justice are legal.

Also, assuming no bugs creep in, in which case: AC.

Okay, first off: Both American AC and Japanese AC+ play just about the same. AC+ was the bugfix for the console version that they didn’t have for a while.

Second: There is no arcade version of AC+. The gameplay changes in AC+ were made to make it closer to the arcade version.