Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (PS2) - Singles @ EVO2k12 - We in there! Dogura, Inoue, ABEGEN!


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Evolution 2012 -July 6th-8th, 2012.
Caesar’s Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Start time:

Entry fee:
TBA (pending poll results)

Pot will be split 75%/25% (1st/2nd), or if there’s a decent amount of people (>20) 70%/20%/10% (1st/2nd/3rd).


  • 2/3 matches, 2/3 rounds; Grand Finals 3/5.

  • Double Elimination Bracket.

  • Player may change character after loss; winner is not allowed to change character.

  • Glitches are allowed, game breaking glitches are not.

  • EX characters, GG Mode, Kliff and Justice, are all prohibited. However, the extra colors will be legal (aside from Shadow and Gold).

  • Button mapping is allowed.

  1. If a player fails show up 10 minutes after being called for his/her match, then he/she will be sent to the loser’s bracket; if he/she fails to show up/check in after 10 more minutes, then he/she will be disqualified. However, this may change if he/she is still in his/her pool for another tournament (ex: BB, MvC3, SSF4, etc). We would like to allow the tournament(s) to run smoothly & on time, so please try to arrive on time for your match-- in order to make things easier for everyone.

  2. Player are ENCOURAGED to check in/report to the TO(s) before the tournament begins or when the player wishes to leave the area/venue.

  3. Players should try their best to report their wins/losses, if possible-- this is VERY IMPORTANT, especially when more than 2 matches are being played at the same time.

If there is enough TIME/interest, teams will run as well, but for now, it is singles.

I know that last year’s GG side tournaments at EVO2k11 could have ran better, and Ky-Sama & I were responsible for that. However, it was our FIRST TIME doing it ourselves (since then, we have run singles AND teams at Seasons Beatings and helped run GG & UMvC3 singles at this year’s Final Round), and we asked people for help (at EVO), but VERY FEW offered to help (not that it was their responsiblity to do so), so we did the best we could. Teams ran A LOT better than singles, but ended up running late… Sol-Bumguy & I+others decided it would be BEST to finish singles on Saturday afternoon, because by 10:30PM, many players had been gone for hours, even after being called & texted many times, and the BYOC area was being closed, anyway. However, on Saturday afternoon/evening, practically every GG player was either in Marvel pools (including us), or BB singles and/or teams (which also resumed on Saturday, IIRC), so teams ran a bit late, but finished within a few hours, thankfully.

Again, I am very sorry for everyone whose matches were delayed, had to be DQed, dropped out, etc, etc and I understand that some are angry… All we wanted to do was to step up to help create a hype and positive GG experience at EVO and get everyone together to have fun… So many people came from Canada, etc and I feel bad that their EVO GG experience was not better…But this year will be different; thanks to the experience we gained and the equipment we are now using (Laptop FTW), we know that this year, it will be A LOT BETTER. We promise to make GG as hype as possible and to give everyone a chance to enjoy playing people from different regions at EVO <3

Extra set-ups are recommended, if it is anything like last year, we need at least 4 set-ups – 3 for tournament, and at least 1 for casuals or recording/streaming.


  • TV’s : 2 (Sol-Bumguy’s/mine)
  • PS2s: 1 (Sol-Bumguy’s/mine).
  • Copies of GGXX AC: 2 (Sol-Bumguy’s/mine/Faultydefense).

Recording equipmint:

  • DVD camcorder.
  • Canon PowerShot A480 Digital Camera (LOL!).
  • Tripod stand.

Again, help is always appreciated, thank you <3


Maybe ill actually get to play this year! PLZ GGXX : AC get released for Xbox360 soon! I need practice x_x


Dios!<3 Yes, please try to enter the GG tournament if you’re not too busy. GG is a very fun game, and you have a pretty good Dizzy!<3


Looking forward to this one!


I’m in there! I can’t believe Evo is only two weeks away.



Team Old Men is recruiting if a team tourney happens. Restrictions apply!

See everyone there!


DOGURA (RO), INOUE (OR) and ABEGEN (PO) confirmed for EVO, get HYPE!!


looking forward to this. been awhile since i played.