Guilty Gear XX Johnny Thread

Questions? Comments? Combos? Tactics? Let me know or ask away!

Chaotic Blue

here’s something most johnny players should know

Cancel out of ALMOST ANY of Johnny’s normals into Mist Finer then quickly hit HS to cancel out of that. Johnny will look away from his opponent for a split second and then be ready to go.

Here’s an average input:
HS (blocked) > QCF+S (hold S) > HS (cancels mist finer)

Effect: This kills alot of a lag on Johnny’s normals.

Note: This works in both GGX and GGXX.

Johnny is officially the ‘cable’ of GGXX.
Everyone and their mom plays johnny.

Ryu and Ken


I always thought that Chipp guy was the Cable of the game.

Ryu and Ken

Sorry, Sol Badguy for me

falls over laughing :lol:

Yup, over here it’s usually Chipp, Ky or Sol, in terms of (scrub) usage.

LOL, i see johnny is still mist trapping, eh? :slight_smile:

I saw the entire sammy cup. If u havent you better find a way to get it :stuck_out_tongue: pure amazing crap going on!

I think i’ll stop cvs2, and get back into ggx!

maybe i’m missing something, but how the heck can chipp be the cable of the game?!

No way, he takes too much damage. He’s more like Strider with more speed.

that’s what i’m saying

whoever says that druggie ninja is a scrub char has been smokin stuff from chipp’s stash :rolleyes:

It’s not that he’s good, it’s just that he’s picked a LOT by scrubs, and usually against other scrubs. Everyone just does a stupid c.K x23948293842394898 then end it with a sweep, then the shadow grab move then f+HS and try to throw out random super. Stupid shit.

Damn, with that C.k x100 combo taking of like…4%, you’d have to get hit by it a whole fuckin lotta times to lose.

Sol may have been the scrub friendly char in GGX, but now, its definetly johnny.
No mist trap either…Random supers all day.

maybe johnny is cable in so cal? shrug ah well. johnny owns you all!! (except May)

Chaotic Blue

Haven’t played GGXX yet but in GGX (Which is one of my favorite fighters) Sol and Milia were the most scrub friendly chars. I used May. I was pretty good with her too.


i wnat to know hoe to put togehter ky’s super combo when you knock him into the air.,


Uh, that doesent make much sense.
be more specific…did you mean you want an aircombo ending with the super?