Guilty Gear XX: Most common way of playcing fingers on the button?

Hey guys

Okay I know there are a ton of threads on how to hold your joystick. I’ve looked and I can’t seem to find the answer to my questions, so I thought I’d make another thread.

This question is related to placing your fingers on the buttons and which buttons requires which finger to be pressed.

Lets use three examples.

Street Fighter


For the street fighter set-up I use index to push both light buttons, Middle to push both Mediums and Ring finger to push the Hard buttons.

I’m assuming most players use these fingers the same way as well.

Virtua Fighter


I believe the most common way to pushing buttons for Virtua Fighter is the Thumb on the Guard button and your index finger on Punch and Middle finger on Kick. However I’ve seen some players map it so that they use their index finger on Guard, Middle finger for Punch and Ring for Kick.

I like using Thumb on (G), Index on § and Middle on (K)

Guilty Gear XX


Thumb on §, Index (K), Middle (MS), Ring (HS) and (D)

Guilty Gear is my main concern because out of the three layouts I’ve been having a lot of problems with using my Thumb on Punch. My preference is not to use the Thumb and only use my Index fingers for Both Punch and Kick. I find if I use my Thumb, it gets pretty ackword and I tend to mess up on combos. But if I just use my Index I find that sometimes I don’t react quick enough and I’m too slow to connect combos.

What do you guys use to input your commands? Do you use your Thumbs or do you use your Index exclusively for that row of buttons?


Although I would’ve grown up to be a terrible pianist, having really tiny unmanly girl hands really helps me when I play my fighters on an arcade stick. I play a lot of Guilty Gear, so here’s my input.

I actually use all 5 of my fingers. I put my thumb on Punch, index finger on Kick, middle finger on Slash, ring finger on Heavy Slash, and I actually place my pinkey on Dust. For a lot of people, putting their pinkey on the Dust button is uncomfortable, so I can understand why you wouldn’t. But I really do recommend you use your thumb for Punch and your index, middle, and ring fingers for the top row of Kick, Slash, and Heavy Slash. Having all your fingers resting on a button makes it easier and quicker to hit inputs when you’re in the middle of a combo and makes Force Roman Cancels and regular old Roman Cancels easier when you can RC with the three fingers you’re not using to attack with.

That’s just how I play though. Really, at the end of the day, choose a style that you find comfortable using since comfort is a huge tie in with performance.


Appreciate the input. SRK was down and I totally forgot about this thread, would have replied sooner.

Whats funny is that I’m taking your advice and GG performance hasn’t improved but my SNK performance has lol. Now that I’m using my Thumbs to input commands I’m finding it less confusing and more natural to pull off moves.

I still suck at fighters but I’m starting to slowly feel more comfortable now that I’m trying to get my Thumb involved.

Again thanks for the tips.