Guilty Gear XX # Reload XBL

anyone still play this?
Lobby is pretty much empty

Gamertag is temperately:

and ask for Braver plz >.<

Not as far as I know. We did have a whole online forum for it here, but it was deleted after it really really hardcore died. I haven’t played in a good year and a half, and the only people that are on now as far as I can tell are just a few people on GFaqs.

It was fun while it lasted ;_;

I just now began playing reloaded again on my 360 today and found no one home relatively quickly. I was beginning to think that all the real player quit playing and focused on AC a long time ago, I can only hope I am wrong though

does ggxx #r always have button delay on xbl? all the matches i’ve played had BAD button delay

Yeah pretty much.

I play it on occasion, and there are a few elite who still play regularly from what I’ve seen. None that I know of do the SRK thing, though.