Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Hey i just bought this game on XBLA and god damn its hard to figure out can anyone help me out with this oh im using a street fighter 4 arcade stick if that makes a difference

Sorry to say, You completely wasted your money =\

oh damn, really? i enjoy it i just suck at it haha

Why is that?

I’m guessing cause no one plays it anymore but i didnt buy to play online its for my own personal entertainment
but yea any tip would be appreciated

It runs about $7 used at Gamestop. I bought it for $5 on ebay.

bah i had the point and nothing else interested me on the market place so might as well

also… umm tips, some help? something?

If you ever see me online I’m down for playing it. Haven’t played it a whole lot since AC but I know what I’m doing and will see what I can show you. For info to be found online head over to

I bought this game last week and looking to play some matches. Feel free to add my name to your friends list but just send a message explaining who you are!

PC version is better. People actually play online in that version.

Ah I see. I guess I’ll just have to wait til BlazBlue.


  1. Pick Slayer
  2. Rape faces
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Damn, I miss when Slayer could link 6HS into Dandy Steps. Was that in #R or Slash that they changed it?

Is this only in USA/Japan? I can’t see it on XBL :frowning:


Get the PC version. It has decent netplay. XBL’s netplay is pretty unplayable.