Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Anyone down to play? I need to practice my Anji,and I just want people to play with.

I got this by the Xbox Original thingy on the 360 marketplace. Is it possible to play like that? If it is, just send me a message at PK Kros and we’ll play.

Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about.

I’ll add you.

A lot of people (including me) play the PC version of #Reload online. Not sure if you have any interest in that though, but if so, pm me for details.

Is it worth the 1200 points?

I tried to play it, but whenever I challenge someone screen goes black and it backs out. Checked all my settings and everything nothing works.

Depends, if you really like GG yeah, and if you have people to play with.

I suck at Guilty Gear lol, but if you’re just looking for people to play with then just send me a message.

I was about to buy this game but I think Blaze Blue comes out really soon. Anyone else picking that up?

I used to play that game a lot in fact it was my first fighting game that i got really good at. Then i started playing CVS2 and never touched it again lol. But i only played Chip and Jam :]

I tried playing the online PC version and each time it just wouldn’t load up the game with Failed to initialize Network. btw, I’m not that good at GG.

Kros, it does that even when you try to run a fresh install of the game unpatched? Also, what operating system do you have.

After you do a fresh install, make sure you change the name from the default “Guilty Gear XX # Reload” to “Guilty Gear XX #Reload” (you have to delete the “#” and the blank space after it) You can then retype the “#” in there after doing so.

Throw all the files from the downloaded patch into your “Guilty Gear XX #Reload” folder. (current version is the 1.20-2 with the dll from 1.20-3). Run the ggxxnet_patcher. A little window should come up saying 100% with the bar filled. Click ok, and you should be able to run the game.

If the window comes up, and it has 0% with an empty bar, then look around in your folder for a file called “ggxx.OLD.” Delete your original ggxx.exe, rename ggxx.OLD to ggxx.exe, and then run the patcher again. It should have succeeded. Try to run the game. I’m guessing it should most likely succeed.

EDIT: I probably shouldn’t have posted this here, as to not derail the thread.

After playing Slash and Acent Core, I can’t go back despite me buying it. :confused: The netcode sucks. Can’t hit a potkemkin buster to save my life on live matches.

Never really played a GG game seriously yet, but I like trying new things. Maybe I’ll pick it up and send you a msg so we could get some matches in. Although I’ll probably be completely destroyed lol.

Is this download only available in USA/Japan? I hopped on but couldn’t find it on XBL :(.

Don’t buy it its not worth it the online is horrible and no one hardly plays

if anyone is still interested i have the information as well as the patches, and it’s all uploaded to megaupload in a zip file. i still play this but have been playing more blazblue than anything lately

I have it for Xbox Originals I’ll play if i can find someone to spar with. My Anji is WAY Rusty I used to be on this forum as DeathDanceAnji but alot of inactivity has gotten my account deleted. so i had to make a new one. im sure the old threads has evidence of me somewhere. =p anyways my gamertag is TatamiGeisha.