Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded Online-Play! [PC]

Yep it is true.

go and read.

It works and I have no lag.

this has been TRUE for ages?

Haha Yeah this is a year old.

Yep, anyone else play?

You missed the boat. People played it just long enough for Accent Core to hit consoles. Then they gave up on it because it was ruining their game going back and forth.

I’m assuming nobody still uses this right?

it’s still cool to play though…

i tried it once, but this ruined the game:

Q: What about color edit mode?
A: You can edit colors with GGXXNET’s patcher. Go CRAZY and make people’s eyeballs explode if you want.

plain retarded! ppl using characters that blend with the background or really weird colors that make the game look like garbage… and there’s no way around this.

i wish this had support for p2p kaillera DLL, it would be a lot easier.

i play #r online almost everyday and never have any complaints about other people’s custom color