Guilty gear xx slash (the new one) website up

right here

Hey Beelze, what’s the button set up for MB:AC?






good job master choo-choo

hi i’m kugler i like slayer’s butt 4 so much

hi im master clown im a quitter.

I don’t give a damn what you say, Mito is really, really, really close to being broken or just too god damn good for her own fucking good.

And I didn’t quit, I’ve switched to Beatrice so I can actually stand a chance now.


Can anyone translate what the site is talking about? I’m guessing just system / basics / blah blah, but it’d be nice to know if they snuck in a “consolereleasetommorowmorning” or something tight.

Right now it’s basically just advertising and propaganda about the game, about how it’s an upgrade of #R which was so popular and how they made it so much better, yadda yadda. Nothing really technical to speak of.

its a bit weird…

_ a b c

took me a long time to get used to it (was using the D button as light attack for a while :slight_smile:

Wow, Order-Sol’s sword is insane. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Ichigo’s sword (from Bleach) on steroids?

For some reason Order Sol in the first little pic u see in gameplay, looks just like the sprite of Kliff when he turns young and trows that spear at u, and also the sword looks kinda like Kliff also… :confused:

so any idea what the dealie is with order-sol yet?

Yeah, I immediately thought of Zangetsu, too, except the handle. That shit’s great.

of course mito is shit broke, as with hazama.

but u did quit mc, you quit kaya to go to a higher tier.


okay but in RumbleFish theres such a huge gap that you probably need to do that to play.

GL with bea :slight_smile:

Beatrice is mid tier too.


everyone should cop out and play mito/hazama or aran/zen or greed/bea
and turn it into third strike.

at least ilike your avatar. everyone should have sexy arc as their avatar.
shes the only reason for playing that fuckshitgame~!


i have derailed this thread.

guilty gear

Guilty QUEER. I mean who the fuck wants this gay anime shit? and the rock music? Ugh, this game makes me SO SICK I am literally throwing up right now

Sure how about we play MVC 2 instead with it’s anime characters? And i’ll take guilty gear music over the mvc2 soundtrack any day of the weke without looking back.

Or how about CVS2 with alpha/kof sprites that are drawn anime style (Hi, Athena!)

Or CFE! (Hey Ingrid! You look pretty animish!) Nice fucking rock soundtrack too.

Either you religiously play 3s or youre a fucking idiot. Go away.

lol i guess im a fucking idiot, shit

is this how you get reputation points

hahaha zand

sp00ky you got fukken trolled :tup: