Guilty Pleasure(millia)

Hi guys heres my recent wip of Millia Rage from Guilty Gear, ive been trying to paint it step by step so here it is. As you can see i started on rought sketch and working my way to the bottom any suggestions is appreciated.

Random images older work

Update im now trying to put the base colors at the moment so here the result.

very nice color fill skills man keep it up :smiley:

Looks awesome, what program are you using?

Last I recall, noround gets down with MSPaint.

But…has the times changed?

Hey Sas where have you been? never see you on aim XD, but yea looks like paint or, but damn how do these people draw like this in paint. It boogles my mind.

Hi guys thank you for your replys, weeks passed i have been able to finaly done drawing of Millia Rage one of my favorite character. :smiley:
@Logix: glad you like it ill try to draw next character of guilty gear Bridget.
@pc1x1: poorman’s photoshop
@Sasmasta:Yup its the same ol program im using, i cant afford to buy a ps.

Good stuff, noround3!

Your skills have greatly improved. B)

You still rolling with a mouse too, right?

u win at art.

Damn i forgot about Bridget was been busy this week, at the time being heres the only speedpaint i made.

@sasmasta: really appreciate it thank you, those are old times but i still miss it too.
@zoow: thank you

I like it! It looks good but the pose is a little awkward with how she’s leaning forward with her hand placed as so. It was more solid when you had the hand a little more firmly on the ground in your earlier sketches. Overall tho very good! (^^)b

awesome at first i was like wtfs up with that lump on her leg then scrolled down saw it was for shading purposes. :smiley: