Guitar hero controller mods. .

I dunno if this is kosher to talk about in this board, but being a fan of rockband/guitar hero I figured it’d be neat to rip the strum bar out of the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 controller, the x-plorer, and install 4 buttons to make it more like a bass guitar.

Does anyone know if the innards have been mapped out yet?

I don’t know much about modding the GH controller - but I did make some custom stickers for mine.

Hmm…that’s pretty dope.

Last image missing [img] starter code by the way.

Wow those are pretty cool, wished my GH controller had those kind of stickers.

I first took a piece of paper and traced the asic outline of the guitar and then scanned that in to photoshop. I just found a pic of donkey kong and added the pixel effect , made a mario brick background pattern with some “hidden” ? blocks. printed on sticker paper and viola!

Well this is it my girlfriends birthday present.
Its been a bloody nightmare too.
The puppy knocked the first (wet) faceplate out of my hand sticking it to my arm. I peeled it off and had a perfect copy of the design on my arm.
I had to scrub it with meths so Ella wouldn’t see.

The second faceplate went better until the other day.
Its been so windy that I had to do the spray lacquering indoors.
Well Mr B bursts in to see whats happening and treads on the faceplate.
You can see the slightly odd colour blob above the strum bar.
It wouldn’t blend back into the base coat.

As you can see its all been painted.
Also has a star power button as the tilt is shit.
And a kill switch. Although its more of a reverse killswitch as it acts just like the strum.

I hope she likes it.

Damn! That looks crazy! How did you make the star power button???

They are just clear seimitsus with inserts made in photoshop.
Then it is wired into the back button.

that’s a pretty sweet mod.

I’ve got mine under way, will post pics at the end.

Dope sauce burgah kang.

Good shit.

Laurie if you start doing custom guitars like that I’d definately order one.

Here’s one I did using Seimitsu buttons that I had laying around.

I added a Strum button and a Star Power button. The Star Power button can actually improve your game, since tilting the guitar may throw people off during difficult songs.

What did you have in mind?