Guitar Hero Metallica & Others


Here u can post ure friends codes in GH to share with others to form a band

Here Is My friend code for GH Metallica

Feel Free To Reply soon new some bandmates :coffee:


If you really are into Guitar Hero and you’re planning on getting it for the Wii then you really should look into some of the features that are coming with GH5. Roadie battle sounds like a lot of fun if you have a couple of friends with a ds.


nah i onlyplay GH cause of Metallica!
and idk if i might getit


If you get 5 then you can get Guitar Hero Van Halen for free.


the full version of it? O_O
i love van halen awesome band


how do the songs sound for the metallica version? i know some of the songs had to be remastered so im curious how different they sound compared to the originals. ill probably end up picking it up anyways though


all metallica songs are originals :rock:

well for some other bands have changed
Mercyful Fate

so yea lol