Guitar Hero pro seeks help to turn into a Street Fighter Pro

Hello! You may recognize my gamer tag StarSlay3r from WCG Ultimate Gamer or from video game conventions/ tournaments. I’ve been known as “That Guitar Hero Girl” for 3 years now and I’m trying to put an end to that!

Before I was known for guitar hero I used to be well known in the Soul Calibur Scene taking home many 1st and 2nd place finishes for SC2. I know that this game is WAY different then Soul Calibur, I’m just stating I have played other games and LOVE fighting games!

I want to go back to the fighting game genre and with the help of gootecks have taken steps torwards making Street Fighter IV my main area of concentration. I’m dropping my guitar and picking up a street fighter iv fight stick (my god that thing was hard to get a hold of!) and I need some help. While gootecks has agreed to train me I would love help from all of you who are available and willing to train me… I need a LOT of help! The goal here isn’t just for me to get good at this game, but to help encourage other females (yes I’m a girl) to play the game too. I believe the quote was “where the b***es at?” Well girls need to know this game is cool first… so if they see another girl whooping a bunch of guys asses they’re going to be interested.

I know this may be impossible to become a top ranking player in general… but I want to try. I am a dedicated player and a PRO gamer for a reason… I’m not taking this lightly. I have a lot of determination and I learn quickly. If you have the time to help me, please hit me up on my gamer tag “StarSlay3r” on XBL. Any written tips will be gladly accepted at The character I have chosen to use (so far) is Chun-Li. While I know female characters take a lot of damage she is fast and I am used to characters like Pai Chan in VF5 that move in a similar fashion.

I’ve been told that many of you on this site are pros, so I was refereed by many ppl to come here for help. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help me.

First you will need a new controller. :karate:

SF4 forum is that way

It has a Chun forum too.
Read alot. Watch matches alot, and ask questions when you don’t understand something.
Good luck


LULZ from above.

I really do appreciate you as a girl gamer trying to get into the scene. Like said before…read up practice up and ask lots of questions in the right topics of course.

Get an arcade stick and don’t use macros, macros are for scrubs, yea, I said it.

^I think everyone knew it hopefully :confused:

I think it’s interesting when someone that specializes in another genre or game tries to pick up Street Fighter or fighting games in general. It makes for an interesting story seeing how well they progress or not.

Good luck to you.

You missed the thread where basically everyone supported it, including EVO staff.

I felt like it was an April fool’s joke where SRK gets turned into GameFAQs, except it wasn’t April.

Man thats lame, why people trying to bring it in Evo?

Spend some time in training mode both practicing execution and figuring out exactly what your character is capable of. Spend some time away from the game figuring this out too.

Every time you win, try and figure out why. Every time you lose, try and figure out why. Spend some of your away-from-the-game thinking time thinking about those things.

Plus the read lots watch lots play lots stuff that’s already been said.

I always like it too. It’s neat to see and it makes me happy.

Sorry but are you expecting us to help just because you’re a girl?

No, that’ll never work…


dO yOu liKe ANimE?!!?!?!!11//

pics NAO

but seriously, read up on chun, her matchups, combos, mindgames. and practice.

its the wendys girl!!


Standard SRK procedure is at least a picture with the person holding a sheet of paper with “SRK” written on it but the influx of new members has kind of killed it.

Best protip to get better: Play people better than you and don’t get frustrated nor give up when you lose. Analyze the match.

I dunno about help, but you’re gonna get a lot of messages since you’re a girl.


it’s pretty damn egotistical to start a thread about yourself just because you’re a “pro” at some other game and expect people to care

you play a game that is all rote memorization and manual dexterity. SF has a lot more to it than that and the skillsets do not transfer. Get back to the strategy sections or get out, thanks.

This made me spit coffee on my monitor.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh I know you now! That girl you lost in NBA 2k9 oookkkaaayyy I got you, It’ll be cool if you can get major in FGs :wgrin:

But cmon peoples chill out she IS willing to learn