Guity Gear @ ECC11?

Phil and Myself are considering a GGXX/Slash tourney at ECC. {CONSIDERING!!!} But before we do so we like to know is there even any interest left in this game. Please let us know via this thread.

What do you mean? The game has barely been widespread in the U.S. (only a few areas have it), and Japan itself is still transitioning from day 1 to day 2 tactics. The game is fresh.

Translation: There would be a LOT of interest in this game.

I didnt mean Slash I meant GG as a whole. I could be wrong but its seems GG tourneys get less and less entrants every tourney. But when it comes to GG I could be wrong.

Translation: Thats why we made the poll/thread.

Last year wasn’t there like 50 of us?

I love Guilty Gear!

I been looking for a tournament for like forever.

Somebody let me know what’s up.

He’s got a right to be weary, after Clash last year GG tournaments literally vanished from the Break all together, until ECCX. Every #R tournament since then has taken place in NYC.

But yeah, you should very much hold a GG tournament, the heads will show, I promise.


Gunflame wants to GG.

Find me! Too late! No, no no!

Translation: I have fun losing in guilty gear.

I think there should be a GG tourney… thing is, #r is a dead game. Slash is where it’s at. The break doesn’t have Slash and I don’t think the game is out for the Jap. console.

I myself wouldn’t enter #r since I don’t play that anymore… but I would def. enter Slash!

Shanky here has a point.

Slash comes out a month before ECC11.

Is it a smart choice to have a tournament, let alone a MAJOR for it when the whole of us will have only had a month’s time with it?

Japan usually does tournaments within the first week a new game comes out. I’m all for it, makes it a lot more interesting if you ask me.

Shanky huh… wtf!??.. do I know you?


We have Slash at TGA, so alot of us will enter a Slash tourney.

lol all i just remember gracing the shit out of everyone in the team tournament

if all you ec guilty gear scrubs wanna get served again then yes hold this tournament

@ Shanky:

God, did that offend you somehow?


@ GwyBlo:

I was thinking the same thing actually.

EFZ side tourney :D!

@ Deus:

I remember the Potemkin player above doing damn well in slapping around plenty of folks as well.


I will most likely be running GG at ecc XI this year. That being said, since Slash will be readily available for about a month before ECC I think it is up to the community to decide whether or not to have slash as the main event for GG or have it as a side tourney or possibly team tourney. We will most likely soon have a poll to see what everyone thinks about which game they would rather have as the main GG event.

Regardless Slash WILL be at ECC XI. Personally I feel the main should be in Slash in team format as is the norm in Japan now and hold the secondary as singles, but that is just my opinion. What I want is a collective opinion from everyone to see what the best course of action is so we can have the best tournout and get Slash moving in the U.S.

–This thread will be copied to Dustloop and Romancancel respectively. I will have the poll there as well.

I’m missing the question here Chaz…

…Iether way I vote for Slash ALL the way!.. the upgrade is far better than #r imho…

ps- Let’s get some Bridget vs Dizzy matches going!!

Buri is dead to me. I am strictly I-no for the past year.

ahhh… I hate I-No!!! she’s like the magnus of gg.


it’s also the norm in japan to have 40-50 ppl at a bi-weekly, making teams the only option.