Gummowned, Strogg and Networkingyuppy presents Dual Mod services at EVO!

Hey folks of SRK attending EVO,

Gummowned, Strogg and I (TeamTechTalk) will be providing my dual modding services for the PS3, 360, PS1/PS2 or the Wii. I will be at Caesars hotel on Thursday in the afternoon. Please PM me for sale inquiries and/or leave me a phone number so that we can meet up and have things arranged. See you folks there!

Turnaround Time
Depending on the customization requested for the controller, it will generally be about 2 hours to complete a dual mod or 3 hours for a triple mod, so you can have your controller back and ready soon!

Dual modding services with parts provided will be:

Dual modding services for PS1/2(included) only!
PS3> PS1
360> PS1

LED Mod: Buttons must be transparent in order to have lights: $60
-If you’re also requesting dual mod services from us, the LED mod will be $40.
PM Gummowned

Wireless Dual Modding
PM Gummowned for information

Triple Mod
$150 with services and parts provided for the triple mod.
Mc Cthulhu + RJ45 (with USB ,PS1/2, Gamecube with detachable cords)

I can also do detachable USB wires by mounting a Neutrik USB on the controller so that you don’t have to deal with messy wires. It will be $16 dollars for the installation, which the part will be included to accommodate the costs for everything.

If you have any other miscellaneous requests, please PM me for information so we’ll have things worked out. If you want me to obtain parts to modify the controller, please let me know what parts you need so that I can meet up with Toodles in person to purchase it. (THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE THURSDAY SINCE I CAN MEET THEM UP AHEAD OF TIME.)

Want to buy an arcade stick and have it customized and dual modded by TeamTechTalk?
Markman presents Madcatz Madness Promos at EVO!

Toodles at EVO board extravaganza:

Previous Work

Metal Shaft Cover Mods by Strogg, $5

More controller mods


  1. Lolmark
  2. Valaris
  3. Shervin
  5. TSwizzle

Please list rates and options.

PM’d, yeah, I would appreciate a listing of rates and what you offer.

Information updated with options and prices. (Thanks Markman, I forgot about that. :P)
Be aware, there is a waiting period of time since that I will be handling multiple orders during my stay at EVO.
So reserve your position and order now so that you can receive your controller before the tourney occurs.

Team Tech Talk…LETS GO!!

I can vouch for Gummowned and Strogg as being great modders, they’ve done my sticks (nohomo) and they do great work.

For some reason, my PMs aren’t getting sent. Can you PM me your e-mail address?

i vouch for gummo also, great guy, great work, fast turnaround… and if you need a beer opened he has a great pair of wire strippers that do the job great…

Lolmark, I’ve received your message. I’ll put you down on the list. :smiley:

For xbox > ps3 dual modding. Are u using chimp boards?


We will be using Dual Strike SMD boards, but if you have a Chimp board at hand, then we can use it in the mod and deduct the cost of the board from the total.

I only have one chimp board left in my stock. I’ll only be using it for the first person to request the chimp.

unfortunately I think toodles doesnt have any in his own stock either to sell at evo (just all his other boards).

Stickying this baby.

This is awesome for SRK! I can vouch for Yuppy’s work. He dual modded my tiny Zelda stick and a 2 TE’s. Gummy is a beast! He dual modded my new Godlike Zelda stick with arc eyes LED’s in the buttons. Order up people, these are great prices!!!

Hey, stupid question, can any of you guys switch the art of my stick on Friday?

You did a great job Ben, I just wanted to print a larger picture now that I know what to work with.


I’m sure any one of us will be able to show you how to swap out the art. Its really easy, just stop on by and we will have the tools for you to open up the stick and I can guide you through the process.

I highly recommend both Gummowned and Strogg for anyone going to EVO. I don’t personally know much about networkingyuppy, but from what I’ve heard, he’s also a great guy to go to for mods.
Any one of these three will do a great mod for you :D.

Get your mods done at evo everyone! These prices are very nice.

Valaris and Shervin, I’ve put you folks down for reservation.
Thanks. :smiley:

PM sent.

PM sent!