Gummowned's modding services. Now Includes Xbox One and PS4 mods!


He is very aware and usually replies unless he is busy.


Best way to contact me is through email:

I lose track of PM’s on this thread way to easily.

Send me an email. I can get the repairs done and I have 13 more of the 3.5mm jacks to add more inputs.


Are you going to Final Round again this year? Want to have something on my stick fixed


Yes, he and I will have a table


Great, thanks!



email sent


Woo can’t wait for the PS4 PCB from @Gummo !!
After a couple of years of slacking, I can finally finish it!


email sent


How much would it cost for you to install a Brook Universal in my Razer stick? Can do whatever you want with the old PCB. I assume the cost of shipping + Brook Universal price?


$200 shipped


Email sent asking about replacing parts.


As was stated in an earlier post, Gummo does work great work but has been taking forever to respond. I’ve been waiting for him to finish another stick for months now. I emailed him and sent several pms here but I haven’t heard from him in over a month. Does anyone know what’s going on with him?


Good service, wish you success. I also do the computer repair services at home, the three services is sua chua may tinh tai nha


Got my stick. Issue has been resolved. As always, Gum does great work. Just took forever to get it done.


How did you get him to respond?


After I posted in this thread saying I was trying to get ahold of him he started responding.


Can i get a price check on putting a brook universal board into a TE2 Xbox One? Already have the board in hand. Thanks


email replied.

$100. Covers labor, other parts, and return shipping/tournament travel costs. Other part for this is a pcb I’ve developed to keep all the home panel features that would normally be lost when swapping out the te2 pcb with a brook board.


Replied back with more info.


Thank you…I’ll get the mod done at EVO…