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Question…how would you dual mod a HRAP EX SE? This is the Seimitsu version for the 360 that I believe is not common ground.

I can common ground mod it using the same principle that my Leo board does to make the sixaxis common ground. I’ll have to add $10 to the cost of the mod to do this.

Or if you have a madcatz pad or a fight pad then I could use that to replace the noncommon ground board.

Yeah, I’ll be there. Just waiting on roski to let us know when the lucky tourny will be.

yo the 360 te is fucking cramp up! You know i got those rs-sg sanwa switches & it was a bitch to fit it in nicely

When you say 80$ including parts that includes both a PS3 & 360 PCB?

his prices are insane. Employ this Guy for your dual mod.

The $80 only covers the cost of one controller board. If I have to put in both a PS3 and 360 pcb then the cost of the second board is added.

^O duh, I was only thinking about customs w/o a pcb. Very goog deal still!

Go with this guy, he’s got you covered!
Might hit him up for a dual modded V-Tek. Light up mod, of course. :rofl:

Have a few questions.

PM sent

Can you do an HRAP EX-SE?

Yes, but it will cost $10 extra so I can do the common ground mod for it.

PM Sent

yo G$ you better come 2 the lock in @ gamefrog. I would like 2 use spiral wiring wrap for the inside & sleeves for the cords but cant find them in purple. Let me know if your coming & if you got the stuff ready for me

im not looking for a dual mod. im actually going to get a ps2 hori t5 stick or the arcana heart 2 stick. can you desolder and do everything else i need to put my own buttons?? how much can that run up to??

I can do that for $20.

If you got a dual mod, I would do the desoldering and QD’s for free.

so this is the whole desoldering and putting on the wires and QD’s for the buttons right?? im a huge noob at this and i dont think i want to learn how to solder and do everything else you need to change buttons. might send you 3 sticks total when i get a chance, but for sure ill be sending you one by the end of the month or beginning of march. you have reviews bro?? just want to make sure i wont get screwed. thanks in advance!!!

sounds good. Some of the people I’ve done mod work in the past year have posted positive feedback in this thread already.

awesome reviews!!! ill send you a PM instead. your hired!!!

Hi, I am interested in dual modding a stick which is 80+shipping? I do not have to include any parts? What method would be used to switch if this was the case. I am also interested in getting LEDs placed into my stick and I was wondering if you would do that and how much extra it will be.