Gumz And Kidzero Again Wtf?

round 2

jus me and u though kidder

psp background
480 x 272

free theme but has to be related to psp characters :tup:


due next thursday

I might be going with X (Megaman Maverick Hunter X) or Snake (MGS: PO).

Snap! This’ll be good… dood.

idk im doing a alpha ryu one i think?

:rofl: Go with what your heart says GuMz… dood.

i follow the ole diving rod


You should totally do Dragonball Z again, theres Dragonball Z Shin Budokai for psp. :stuck_out_tongue:

There my work from MS paint. I think i can win this time!! XD

Good luck to both guys :tup:

So is this first to 5 votes = win?
I’m going with Mega.


katamari demacy ftw lol

This is what the World ish watching!!!

Despite being an amazing display of art talent, I’m afraid it doesn’t follow the size requirements.

Can’t wait to see what you guys pull off :tup:

idk mine isnt like brushes or stuff like that like i used brushes for blending and what not but it lookz more along the line of a wallpaper then a sig or av or anything

Same here. Mine is way to simple. Almost done though. How bout you?

almost done just got to lil touches here and there and see how it comes out

I didn’t like the way mine came out, so Ima start over. :looney:

lol ok im done wit mine it took me a while

I’m pretty much done with mine. Don’t really like it, but whatev.
I’ll prolly post the psd later if anyone wants to collab. or whatev after the battle.

ok pm it to me when done

PM sent. :nunchuck: