Gumzie vs Mr. Tetsu (tag battle)

theme: sprites
size: no under 80x270, no bigger than 120x320
deadline: when you finish
vote: public

ready… set… GO!

i love you gumz
i love you gumz
i love you gumz
i love you gumz
i love myself more 4 ever and ever.


lets bring our convo here

nah i havent yet lol have u heard my brokin ones? lol

i cant find ur piespace grrr

i love u to tetsu[no homo]

ya i like your beats alot. what program you use?

i use fruity loops 6 but i havent made any recently bcuz i messed it up:arazz: lol dude send me ur myspace again i went through my friendz list like 80 times already lol

aww ok

i like sip and float one i like what u did wif teh snarez on it but the srk one wont play i wanna hear it =[ lol

is it 120X320

or 320X120


EDIT:ok im done it took me about 3 or 4 hours to do this and im proud how it came out =] :tup:

I love both of ya’ll, im gonna stay out this so as to not hurt your feelings, :frowning:

tag size can be anywhere between the two canvas sizes i posted up, just no smaller than the smallest… or bigger than the biggest.
i gotta reupload the srk beat.
sip and float its rediculous to flow to. sometime you should listen to me flow to it, it makes the beat 50 times better to it.

unlike your beats, your change alot.
beats i make are all beats i flow to, how the transitions work with my flow is what makes the beats good. but of course i dont have a mic to record onto, otherwise id just have freestyle shit to all my beats.

yo and give me your aim handle if you have it.

i hardly make freestlye beats mine is a solid 3 three barz then a change on 4th and a chorus a bride so i make mine like strictly for song writing ya no?

it isnt that much for a good enough mic a good enough mixer and the plugs and downloading
atomix mp3 =]

but note u can find all this stuff for dirt cheap on ebay like the mic $60 and the mixer at $30 i believe

dj biggLe

ya ic ic.
the 2 songs ive made i do 2 bars, transition 4 bars. chorus, 4 bars, 2 bars, chorus.

then after the second chorus i never end up finishing, i just freestyle the rest of the beat.

mine are 8 bar chorus 16 bar verse 8 bar chorus prolly the bridge then another verse chorus then end beat lol

and ur aim iz yemIMtetsu right?

yes sir